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Microsoft and Sony Disclose Sales Numbers of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

by Anton Shilov
01/08/2014 | 11:03 PM

Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday disclosed sales numbers of their latest video game consoles. Thanks to the fact that the PlayStation 4 is more affordable than the Xbox One and is also sold in many countries where its arch-rival is unavailable, it managed to outsell the competitor by whopping 1.2 million units.


Sony said that cumulative sales of the PlayStation 4 video game consoles had reached 4.2 million as of December 28, 2013. Microsoft revealed that before the end of 2013 its partners had sold-through over 3 million Xbox One units to gamers. Both game systems are selling very rapidly these days even despite of competition from other devices. The two companies are continuing to work hard to deliver additional consoles to retailers as fast as possible.

Two main reasons why Sony has managed to sell around 1.2 million more new-generation consoles than Microsoft did are apparent. The PS4 system is now available in 53 countries and territories globally, whereas the XOne can only be purchased in 13 countries. Furthermore, Sony’s PlayStation 4 costs $100/€100/£80 less than the Xbox One while offering similar or better quality of video game. While the XOne comes bundled with the new Kinect sensor, the latter yet has to prove itself worthy.

Several months ago Sony said that it intends to sell 5 million PlayStation 4 video game consoles this fiscal year (which ends on March 31st, 2014). Given the fact that the company has not yet released its PS4 in Japan and there are almost three months of sales ahead, it has all chances to exceed its sales goal provided that its manufacturing partners supply enough consoles. In fact, Sony’s PS4 has already beaten the PS3 in terms of launch window sales; only 3.53 million of PlayStation 3 consoles were sold during the fiscal year 2006 (ended in March ’07).

Microsoft has not publicly revealed its shipments goals for Xbox One, hence, it is unclear whether sales met internal expectations or not. Officially, Microsoft calls Xbox One’s release “the most epic launch for Xbox by all measures”.

Both Microsoft and Sony yet have to make their new-generation game consoles avaialble around the world. Actual global shipments will reveal whether Microsoft was right on the Xbox One’s concentration on multimedia capabilities, or Sony was right with the PS4’s focus on higher graphics horsepower.