Amazon Readies Its Own Video Game Console – Report

Amazon to Rival Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

by Anton Shilov
01/28/2014 | 11:58 PM

It looks like Amazon’s “bigger than Kindle” product finally begins to take a shape. A media report claims that the world’s largest online store is working on its own video game console, which will put the company directly against its partners, namely Microsoft Corp., Nintendo and Sony Corp. later this year, if the information is correct.


While Amazon’s video game system is expected to be based on Google Android platform, it will feature a number of proprietary features, just like Amazon Kindle Fire tablets do. Amazon’s console is projected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon system-on-chip, which should provide sufficient performance for video games originally designed for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms as well as exclusive titles developed specifically for Amazon’s console. Like other game consoles, it should be future-proof, so it is logical to expect support for ultra-high-definition video, high graphics processing performance and rich multimedia capabilities.

At present, Amazon is trying to lure game developers to its console, reports VG247 web-site. The retailer is demonstrating the unit to game developers and publishers in a bid to encourage them to create exclusive titles for it. The prototype console, which is demonstrated to software makers, is an oblong device with sharp edges about the size of the PSone system. The final product will almost certainly feature a different design.

Obviously, expect the new system to provide not only video games, but also music and video delivery services that Amazon already provides.

Amazon is one of the world’s largest seller of music CDs, video Blu-ray/DVD discs, paper books, packaged games and other types of content on physical media. Given the fact that all of the aforementioned businesses are either stagnating or deteriorating, the company needs to sell more digital content to offset the declines. In order to sell more digital media, Amazon may need specially-designed devices, which it is developing. Almost any hardware that helps Amazon to increase sales of content will be good for the company.

Amazon did not comment on the news-story.