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There are quite some interesting reviews around, but the majority of readers are probably more interested in reviewing the performance of Intel’s latest additions to the product family: the new i925X and i915P/G Express chipsets along with LGA775 processors and PCI Express x16 graphics cards. So that not to bother you much, we present a short list of the web-sites who managed to lay their hands of the Intel’s fresh pieces of hardware:

If you are not planning to go with Intel’s latest technologies, but considering a graphics card upgrade, find out on how you can save a great deal of money just by buying an ATI RADEON 9800 SE graphics card and turning it into a fully-fledged ATI RADEON 9800 PRO or maybe even the RADEON 9800 XT.

Still thinking about jumping on Intel’s 925X/915P bandwagon? Then have a look on performance of ATI RADEON X800 XT and X600 XT graphics cards with native support for PCI Express at Firingsquad. Or if you are more interested in NVIDIA’s latest GPU, have a look on the GeForce 6800 Ultra performance with HSI bridge at ExtremeTech

With the minimization of the components it is became possible to construct a portable and quite useful MP3 player. Today your probably cannot even tell how many different models there are. But what do you really expect from a “jukebox” in your pocket? Tom’s Hardware Guide thinks it is originality of design and checks out the latest and greatest players from Samsung and Creative Technology.

In case you are looking for a drive that can record and read CDs and DVDs and does not cost too lot, but still performs fast enough, make sure you read HotHardware’s review of the ASUS DRW-0804P8X DVD+/-R/RW CD-R/RW drive. Oh, well, if you are looking for something more advanced in the field of CD/DVD recorders, you should probably read about LG’s second generation “Super Multi” drive, the GSA-4120B DVD-/+R Drive. The thing not only allows to record CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, but also records pretty rare DVD-RAM.

Overclockers, prepare your handkerchiefs because reviewed OCZ Technology’s 520W power-supply unit – something that can bring tears into your eyes. The article covering an excellent power supply from an almost legendary maker of memory modules is recommended for both enthusiasts and typical computer users, as the latest microprocessors and graphics cards definitely need loads of power to feed themselves.


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