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Processors, Chipsets try to make things clear about the soon-to-be-released Sempron processor from AMD over here.

If you are looking for a small system with sufficient array of capabilities, take a look at VIA’s latest Mini-ITX board which features some unique technology such as the Via Padlock Advanced Cryptography Engine. Read about VIA’s 17cm x 17cm mainboard at

Graphics Cards

If you are wondering what the future for a hardcore gamers is, perhaps NVIDIA’s SLI technology is the answer. Dual graphics cards are back to life with the help of NVIDIAs’ latest NV45 technology along with PCI Express x16 bus. Read about the new and promising tech on the following web-sites:

[H]ard|OCP looks deep into dependence of modern GPU performance on speed of central processing units. Find out how various latest graphics cards, such as NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra, ATI RADEON X800 XT Platinum Edition and ATI RADEON X800 PRO will handle themselves on the platforms powered by CPUs of different ages and micro-architectures.

Memory Products

AnandTech has reviewed two new memory products in its new article. Shika XRAM and OCZ PC4400 EL are the new products presented and shipping by Shikatronics and OCZ competing for the highest overclockability spot.

Adrian’s Rojak Pot presents us the 1GB Corsair XLPRO Ultra-Low Latency TwinX Memory Kit (what a name!...) review. Read about the fastest PC3200 memory available in 1GB kit.

Storage Products

Interested in NAS (Network Attached Storage) or do not have an idea what it is and what it does? Well,  that is an option of high-end storage system. Want some at home at an affordable price-point? Read about Open-E Flash Module with IDE interface at Tom’s Hardware Guide.

Multimedia reviewed a set of speakers from a relatively unknown Northern America maker. Find out what you can expect from Edifier R501 5.1 Speakers.

Modding, PSUs, etc

Asetek has introduced its latest phase change CPU cooler, the VapoChill LS, Lightspeed [AC]. Build around the 404A/507 115V 60Hz compressor, this “Ice maker” is capable of producing steady -30 and even -50 degrees Celsius. Read more on

[M]adshrimps put up a fight between the new revision of the Cool-Cases CF1 against Danger Den’s latest high performance water block, the TDX. Read and find out the best one for the most-efficent AMD Athlon 64 cooling.


TechReport reviewed Shuttle’s second AMD Athlon 64 cube, the SK83G. With the help of VIA’s K8M800 chipset, the SK83G sports 800MHz Hyper-Transport link, Serial ATA-150 RAID controller, and an integrated graphics core. Could this be a perfect solution for an SOHO desktop PC with certain upgradeability in cube form?

If you have about 1500$ in your pocket and the need to spend them on a PC that do whatever you want, e.g., watch and record TV, record audio, rip and burn CDs, edit video, burn DVDs, play 3D games, import and edit digital photos, surf the Web, work in productivity apps like Word or Excel, watch DVD movies, work with 3D rendering, then ExtremeTech has a recipe for you.


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