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Graphics cards

Tired of reading only about ATI and NVIDIA graphics solutions? Then check out the review on OCWorkBench that compares XGI’s Volari V8 and S3’s DeltaChrome S8 against ATI RADEON 9550 and NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700LE graphics cards. While graphics products from S3 and XGI feature equal clock-speeds of 300MHz for chip and 600MHz for memory, the design of graphics processors is still totally are different.

Memory has posted an interesting article about different DDR memory module kits. The memory kits from Corsair, Kingston, Mushkin, OCZ, and PQI are pretty much identical. They all have models with matching latencies of CL2 2-2-5, some basic heat-spreaders, Samsung TCCD chips and a lifetime warranty. So, memory modules using the same DRAMs at identical latencies should yield similar results. But it seems that a new bottleneck for memory has been discovered. Find out what can hold back the performance of your DDR memory module kit.


Overclockers Online has reviewed WaterChill CPU Cooler Antarctica. This water block is made from copper, supports Socket T microprocessors, uses quick-connect fittings, and has two water outlets. If you are planning to install water cooling on your Intel Pentium 4 “Prescott” microprocessor, consider this water block. has taken a look at Maxdy’s Viper ATX case. This computer case has a sturdy construction, plenty of room for ventilation, handles for easier transportation, and nice temperature and activity monitor. Stylish design, a great number of features and low price are all the factors that may encourage you to get this computer case.

Pointing devices

HardwareZone has reviewed BTC 9019URF wireless keyboard. The 9019URF is one product specifically built for those looking for an all-in-one input device to control their computer from their beds or lazy chairs. This keyboard is a full-fledged PC remote control in your hands delivering the performances of a keyboard, joystick and mouse in one device.

Small Form-Factor Systems

FiringSquard has reviewed Shuttle SN95G5 XPC barebone computer. The SN95G5 is based on NVIDIA’s nForce3 Ultra chipset, thus features 1GHz HyperTransport link, AGP/PCI frequencies lock, Serial ATA RAID, etc. Shuttle’s enhanced cooling does a brilliant job of keeping the CPU and the rest of the system cool, without generating an excessive amount of noise, and a 240W power supply seems to be enough to power a fully equipped Athlon 64 3800+ system outfitted with NVIDIA’s GeForce 6800 GT graphics cards.

TV Tuners

Overclockers Australia has taken a look at DVIco FusionHDTV DVB-T Digital TV tuner card. This card is based on the Conexant CX23881 decoder and the LG DVB-T Tuner. The Conexant chip supports DVB-T signal decoding and passes the stream to the software to decode the MPEG video. You may just record the MPEG transport stream straight to your hard disk and encode it to DivX later.


Hardware Avenue has reviewed Logitech X-530 audio speakers set. The system consists of 5 wall mountable dual cone speakers manufactured using Logitech’s new FDD2 (frequency directed dual driver) system which eliminates the uneven sound response found in conventional driver designs and a sub-woofer which has been designed to provide real-time dynamic bass equalization.


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