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In spite of the heavy and widespread criticism, Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows Vista, managed to once again increase its popularity in August, leaving behind not only outdated Windows 2000, but also outstripping Apple’s Mac OS!

In August the share of Windows Vista-based computers used to browse the Internet was 6.26%, up considerably from June and July, according to data collected by Net Applications, a provider of Web tools. The shares of Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems decreased slightly to 3.66% and 80.48%, respectively, which is quite natural as old computers are replaced with new ones and a lot of systems nowadays come with Windows Vista operating system.

It is interesting to note that currently the share of Windows Vista-based personal computers is even higher than that of Mac OS-based systems, which are used by 6.15% of users. Still, Apple is also gaining popularity slowly but surely, something which cannot be said about “other” operating systems, namely outdated Windows versions, Linux OSes and so on, which have been losing market share for many months now and are used in 3.44% of systems that are used for Internet browsing.

In late July Microsoft said it had managed to sell 60 millionth copy of Windows Vista operating system (OS) late in June and that the install base of Vista eclipsed the whole install base of Apple computers in the first five weeks of sales.

It was unclear at press time how many computer systems Net Applications tracked in August, 2007.


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Vista isn't THAT bad. Come on. I mean, you can turn UAC off and such.
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If you disable UAC, then what's the point of having it in the first place?

UAC gets you to pay attention to wtf is going. Linux and OSX do the same thing...BUT far less irritating. (They only ask permission on the real important stuff. Not nag the hell out of you like a needy girlfriend or boyfriend.)

Vista is crap because everyone knows its just another pathetic attempt for Microsoft to "encourage" (ie: corner) the consumer into THEIR game. The very moment the end user says: "FUCK NO! NO MORE! I'm done"...That's when you see MS start to worry.

Vista was hyped too much. Those so-called security measures have done jackshit. They're bandages, not real solutions. If security was properly implemented (even have the core OS re-written), it would utterly change the security landscape. Companies like Symantec would be shitting their pants! But no. Vista has done jack.

Those who blindly accept or sympathize with Vista are the same losers who accept mediocre life. (accept shit they're given...Take it up the arse without question, etc).

Have a think about why Windows and MS Office are the two biggest money makers for Microsoft. Here's a hint: Bundling the OS with prebuilt systems and control of document formats.
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