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Despite of widespread critics among certain groups of end-users, Microsoft Windows Vista operating system (OS) captured additional part of the market in October, whereas other operating systems from Microsoft reduced their installed base. At the same time, platforms from Apple reduced the shares of the market they command.

In September the share of Windows Vista-based personal computers used to browse the Internet was close to 8%, 7.91% to be precise, up insignificantly, according to data collected by Net Applications, a provider of Web tools. The shares of Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems decreased to 3.16% and 79.07%.

The share of systems based on Mac OS decreased to 6.55% in October, down from 6.61% a month before, which may indicate that sales of Apple Macintosh computers were not faster than sales of Microsoft Windows-based systems.

“Other” operating systems, namely outdated Windows versions, Linux OSes and so on, which have been losing market share for many months now, are now used in 3.31% of devices that are used for Internet browsing.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft Windows Vista manages to capture 10% of the market by the end of the year, as it has to capture more than two percent of the market in two months. On the other hand, sales of PCs increase dramatically in November, thus, the new operating system may truly expand its presence considerably in the coming months.

It was unclear at press time how many computer systems Net Applications tracked in October, 2007.


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Those numbers are flop!

If you are reading this Microsoft, lots of people after one week interacting with your ORIGINAL Vista OS installed the PIRATE VERSION of Windows XP because your new OS sucks! The computer easily slows down by a factor of 3X just using Vista.

So those numbers don’t have the people that paid for vista in their brand new notebook and uninstalled it in a week!

Also next people upgrade XP to Linux!
Get ready for a huge Linux bump with the crash free Firefox (instead of the crappy IE7.0)!
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 11/23/07 02:16:15 PM]
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Seriously dude, are you for real?!
Just a couple of questions though:
- how old is that laptop you are talking about?!
- have you even tried vista for yourself on a decent system?!
- Did you know that you can disable some features in windows vista to overcome performance drops?! like the AERO interface and the Windows Search option?!
- You heard about readyboost?! tried it to improve performance a bit?!

Anyway, sure vista is a bit slower than XP (a very little bit, most of the time i don't even realize it), but both my laptop/desktop are not realizing this performance drop with you are talking about.

Even if the numbers mentioned in the article are FAKE as you claim, your numbers are SO MUCH FAKER .. as you seriously stated "(by a factor of 3X)" >> you must be one of those linux guys using the console window typing a command line to watch a movie instead of double clicking it.

I am not against linux myself, been around it since the first releases of mandrake, but there is always the FACT that both software companies and hardware companies are totally ignoring LINUX users/operating in their releases and support, not because companies are evil, but because linux has so much lower market share.

So keep dreaming that ppl, will switch to linux, but don't get too shocked when they don't.

Laptop specs:
- 1 year old 945G chipset + 1.66Ghz core duo processor
- 1GB DDR2-533 memory modules.
- on chipset video card.

Desktop specs:
- Intel Dual core processor E2140 @ 1.6Ghz
- 2GB memory modules @ DDR2-667
- 2400 pro video card
- 350w power supply

My point is, vista is today's operating system with today's system requirements, any average or even below average NEW computer will run vista flawlessly with no glitches that a human eye/touch can recognize.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 11/24/07 05:14:19 PM]

i tried vista and let me tell you it is a resource hog, it has tons and tons of services running on default... i had nothing but problems with it... not sure if it was my hardware or what... i went back to xp for now maybe sp1 will be kinder to me.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 11/25/07 03:50:35 PM]


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