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Even though Microsoft Corp. plans to stop selling Windows XP licenses after the 30th of June for all personal computers with exception of very entry-level systems, large suppliers of PCs intend to continue offering Windows XP-based systems after that date since Windows Vista license agreement allows “downgrading” to Windows XP.

According to a news-story by web-cite, HP said it plans to continue selling the “pre-downgraded” desktops, notebooks, and workstations to its business customers until July 30, 2009. Dell also offers its customers to downgrade to Windows XP from Windows Vista on its web-site and claims that the option will be available after it stops taking orders on Windows XP-based systems on June 18, presumably until 2010. Lenovo, another leading PC supplier, “for a limited time” is providing Windows XP Recovery CD media as a way to downgrade from Windows Vista, reports InformationWeek web-site.

Microsoft created downgrade capability only with Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Ultimate, whereas Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Home Premium are unable to downgrade to Windows XP. As a consequence, end-users will either have to acquire a more expensive version of Windows Vista operating system to keep using Windows XP, or use a more affordable Windows Vista flavour.

Even though Windows Vista does provide certain benefits to end-users compared to Windows XP, such benefits may not be tangible enough to catalyze people to stop using the OS that they are familiar with. But while consumers can continued with Windows XP going forward, in order to get it, they have to request downgrade from computer makers, which may not be an easy task when buying systems in retail. Microsoft does not plan to prolong lifespan of its operating system that has been on the market for nearly seven years.

“While (computer makers) continue to see large numbers of customers making the transition to Windows Vista, there are some pockets – like small business – that need a little more time. And from what we’ve heard from our partners, the downgrade rights option fulfills that need,” said Kevin Kutz, a director in Microsoft’s Windows unit, in a statement.


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Well, its sheer stupidity to downgrade an OS when you can have the full functionality. When you buy it, its for a long time, so why not buy vista when you have the chance, rather than using an old OS?
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Some idiots--(read: intellectualist " know it alls ") just have to learn the hard way. Just let them spend their hard earned money, and find out for themselves. I know a person, who " works in the tech industry " and considers himself to be very tech savvy, who still swears Windows 2000 is the greatest OS in existence, and still uses it on his main, personal, home computer. I just simply let him live happily in his little " safe and secure " fantasy world. He knows better because he and his friends " work in the tech industry ". I almost forgot to mention, this guy lives in his basement with his cat, and is totally addicted to playing World of Warcraft and other similar MMO's all day and night.
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Fanboys making a lot of noise tonight.

Vista sucks plain and simple. I have Vista on my laptop and XP on desktop. Vista is sluggish, even on relatively fast hardware, and I had never seen that many bugs and compatibility issues in a lifetime. Sure it looks nice, has a retarded start menu, new search features, annoying pop-up security protection, and DX10. NO THANKYOU,
I'll skip Vista and switch to the dark side once Windows 7 is released.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 04/29/08 08:45:04 PM]

vista really sucks a$$
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 04/30/08 01:49:27 PM]

Don't worry, vista POS will be obsolete soon (wayyyyy sooner than XP) and then we will have windoz 7
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 04/30/08 10:21:35 PM]


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