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Toshiba Corp. has announced its full-scale entry into the solar photovoltaic systems business. Toshiba’s Transmission Distribution & Industrial Systems Company has established the Photovoltaic Systems Division, a dedicated business management and promotion organization that will take the initiative in responding to a surge in demand for solar photovoltaic systems.

Solar photovoltaic systems are moving beyond residential applications to large, megawatt-scale projects for utility and industrial plants. Toshiba expects to secure orders for large solar power generation systems by drawing on its competitive advantages, which include experience in both individual components and abilities in systems integration.

In components, Toshiba has expertise in high-efficiency power conditioning systems and the SciB (Super Charge ion Battery) Toshiba's rechargeable battery that offers excellent safety, long life and rapid charging. Toshiba can point to world-class capabilities in system integration, particularly in connecting generation systems to distribution systems; in microgrids that connect and manage dispersed small-scale power generation sources, including renewable energy sources; and in large plant system engineering capabilities.

Toshiba will seek a rapid expansion of the business by focusing on renewable energy and energy-saving products and technologies, including SCiB. Toshiba's ultimate goal is a business expansion that addresses customers' needs and makes progress alongside the company's long-term contributions to a better environment.

According to the company, in fiscal year 2015 the global solar photovoltaic systems market for utility and industrial plants is expected to reach ¥2.2 trillion (approximately $24.4 billon) from that of ¥1.2 trillion (approximately $13.3 billion) in fiscal year 2008. Toshiba will promote business expansion by utilizing existing global sales channels and expects to achieve an annual business scale of about ¥200 billion (approximately $2.2 billion) by fiscal year 2015.

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Toshiba Corp. and NEC Electronics both would prefer to anticipate reporting losses for the fiscal year ending March 31,2009...
Toshiba and Mitsubishi should better "destruct" or "report" their so called 'hidden network' in Singapore - Finland [Kouvola warehouses] - Russian Retail chains (especially may be mentioned two international retailer's chains: MediaMarkt Saturn and Auchan). It is not a very dark secret for the progressive mankind that Toshiba's and Mitsubishi’s Headquarters are receiving revenge strikes from Russian Electronics Mafia... for "Ninth Wave" Fraud organised by Naohiro Baba [Mitsubishi] and Koichiro Natsume [Toshiba] both - former corporate representatives in Moscow... It would be nice to hear the report from Hideki Ogawa – their money laundering headquarters based in Estonia…
0 0 [Posted by: kroshi  | Date: 02/04/09 07:32:14 AM]

'Definitively Agreed'
Distress "Restructuring" Distribution
[Diligent Japanese Know-How]

The sample of "Operation Manual"

Mr. Vadim Danilov was invited by Mr. Naohiro Baba to strike up an acquaintance with Mr. Harry Fujimaki to work for Toshiba Corporation (Kabushiki-gaisha Toshiba) as a general logistics manager in the Russian Federation. The event occurred in 2004.

To his disappointment, Mr. Koichiro Natsume, an executive manager of Toshiba Corporation in the CIS, declared him a Toshiba Official Trader at the Conference at the Imperial Park Hotel, Moscow, 2006. In addition, Mr. Koichiro Natsume declared that Mr. Danilov Vadim was officially registered by Toshiba Corporation as Toshiba's Official Trader named “the Ninth Wave” ('Deviatiy Val').

To conclude the announced procedures, Mr. Natsume Koichiro issued to “Deviatiy Val” a Toshiba invoice PI 20060800059 dated August 24, 2006.

The invoice was paid to a TCMS official account at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Singapore Branch.

Moreover, there were other financial transactions during 2006-2007-2008 years, executed by Mr. Vadim Danilov between clients and Toshiba Consumer Marketing Singapore, SMBC Singapore branch account.

After all the payments were completed, Mr. Koichiro Natsume vanished somewhere in Japan. Toshiba Corporation managers in Russia, Japan and Singapore refused to explain to Mr. Vadim Danilov how those payments had been used.

Toshiba Corporation & TCMS, insist that Mr. Vadim Danilov has no evidences that Toshiba Invoice PI 20060800059 had been paid, as well as all the other payments.

Moreover: Toshiba Corporation declares now that Mr. Vadim Danilov had never had any relations with Toshiba Group Companies.

Nowadays, the Toshiba staff is running away from Mr. Danilov Vadim and his lawyers. The Metropolitan Police Department refused to investigate the accident and explained to Mr. Vadim Danilov that he has no right to bring in an action against a Japanese citizen; nevertheless, Mr. Koichiro Natsume is probably hiding in Japan.

Summary of the case:

Toshiba Corporation managers are too afraid of Mr. Vadim Danilov’s knowledge of Toshiba management precisely elaborated scheme for “personal financial transactions” via third parties as a ‘private financial network’ Russia-Estonia-Finland-Singapore.
0 0 [Posted by: wohweh  | Date: 02/04/09 07:40:38 AM]

Warning: Undercover Black Deeds in Japanese Corporations...

Japanese companies are famous for their high-quality service provided worldwide.

Any partner of a Japanese company expects a discreet and trustworthy business way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as it seems.

In our case, Japanese corporations’ representatives working in Russia and the CIS have elaborated an excellent fraud scheme including money-laundering, kickback clients and employees, asset misappropriation etc. ...

The scheme runs as follows:

1. Toshiba Corporation serving as a cover generally doesn’t sign official distribution contracts in Russia and the CIS. Russian nationals such as Mr. Vadim Danilov (Toshiba fake official trader) are hired by the corporation. In addition, all transactions are based on pledging Toshiba managers’ word of honor.

2. An “official” supplier – NAC Trading Ltd. - delivering appliances to Media Markt Saturn, located in Moscow, doesn’t have any procuration from Toshiba Corporation.

3. Defective appliances covered by an insurance company are sent to Russia from a warehouse Kouvola, Finland as new ones via a fake Toshiba trader.

4. Toshiba Corporation issues invoices on official blanks in which written payment requisites of third parties (Nana Europe OY) responsible for payment transfers to Toshiba Corporation and MCLOGI (Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc.).

5. It is strongly recommended by the Japanese companies to make all payments using off-shore banks since Toshiba prefers not to be responsible for anything if its Russian clients have any claims and complaints.

6. So, there is a bundle: Toshiba Corporation (Supplier) represented by Mr. Natsume – MCLOGI (delivering service) represented by Mr. Baba – Nana Europe OY (Toshiba “agent” in Finland supplying appliances to Russia) represented by Mr. Ogawa – NAC Trading Ltd. (Nana Europe branch in Russia responsible for financial flows in Russia), at a final stage RCAS (a private company of Mr. Baba and Mr. Natsume) located in Estonia transfers the cleaned funds from off-shore banks to Toshiba and MCLOGI.

To sum-up, it has been shown that the Japanese corporations use fraud schemes and transactions to snatch large sums and frame up hired managers and Russian big companies.

0 0 [Posted by: wamfig  | Date: 02/04/09 07:48:41 AM]


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