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Microsoft Windows 7 is here and available for purchase, but even though Windows Vista can be annoying in some cases, tech support experts do not recommend to upgrade to the novelty straight away. Microsoft will find a way to make its new operating system even better in several months time and it may not make a lot of sense to cope with potential problems just now.

Rescuecom, a well-known tech-support firm, has presented five reasons why consumers should not install Windows 7 right now, but rather wait for a couple of months.

    1. Let Microsoft work out the bugs. Microsoft's help forums are already flooded with questions and complaints from users having installation problems. It is always safer to wait for the first service pack to work out any glitches.

“There's no reason for you and your PC to be the guinea pig when you have other options. Failed OS installations can lose your data or leave your PC inoperable, requiring computer repair or at worst data recovery,” said Josh Kaplan, president of Rescuecom.

    2. Upgrading has its risks. The chances of complications are always greater when you upgrade your existing PC with a new OS.

"There is a chance that existing software won't interface seamlessly. It may be a better idea to wait until you need to get a new PC that comes preloaded with the new OS. In addition, upgrading your existing PC without performing a complete backup can lead to data loss and very expensive data recovery,” explained Mr. Kaplan.

    3. Drivers can be an issue. The smart move is to wait for hardware manufacturers to come out with drivers designed for Windows 7.

“While the system is made to be compatible with the same hardware and software as Vista, there are always exceptions. It’s not always just a simple computer repair to get everything working tougher. If your PC is the exception, the last thing you need is downtime and lost productivity. It's safer to wait for the patches and new drivers to be released,” noted the head of Rescuecom.

    4. Is Windows 7 really a good fit? Will Windows 7 really benefit you?

“Microsoft has put millions of dollars into marketing Windows 7. No wonder – computer technology has never been more competitive, and the company has a lot riding on this product. This is a totally redesigned OS, and there will be a learning curve in the beginning. That curve will affect you, your employees, IT techs, and customers – everybody in the chain of use. So why not wait until the knowledge base is solid and you can easily get the computer repair help you need when you finally do make the leap?" asked the tech support expert.

    5. $150 is $150. A Windows 7 family pack is about $150 right now, but will it be a good investment?

"Given the current economy, is that really a necessary expense right now? Moreover, why put yourself at risk for potential data loss and data recovery expense, or other possible hardware and software upgrade requirements?" asked Mr. Kaplan.

It is rather clear that Windows 7 does have a number of advantages over Windows Vista. However, it is not evident that those advantages truly improve productivity and enable completely new experience. All in all, one should understand at least one thing before upgrading: the reasons for this upgrade.

“In these tough economic times, every expenditure should be strategic and give you the best bang for your buck. Our business philosophy is to work closely in partnership with our customers for long-term PC solutions that will avoid costly computer repair. Helping them make savvy buying decisions is just part of smart ongoing computer use and maintenance,” said Mr. Kaplan.

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These are funny. This place reminds me of people that work at Geek Squad.

1. No, your PC will not be a guinea pig. Windows 7 has been tested by tens of thousands of people through Beta and Release Candidate testing.

2. Data loss and very expensive data recovery? We're not talking about a hard drive crash here. If an upgrade fails your data will still be there. Rescuecom doesn't know what they are talking about.

3. New drivers for older hardware will not likely ever be released. I installed Windows 7 on a Dell Latitude D610, which came out almost 5 years ago. Everything worked without a problem.

4. Totally redesigned OS? Not really. That would have been Windows Vista. Windows 7 has actually been made by far the most user friendly Windows OS I have ever seen. My 7 year old child can use Windows 7. Rescuecom is again completely clueless.

5. Using Windows XP is putting yourself at risk for potential data loss and data recovery expense. Encouraging people to use it is exactly against better buying decisions and will only cause further maintenance costs.

Really, Anton. Who did you talk to at this company? T'd like a word or two with them.
0 0 [Posted by: JonMCC33  | Date: 10/30/09 12:39:37 PM]
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You are right in all points. Rescuecom really don't know what they are talking about. Windows 7 install/upgrade experience will be much delightful if you don't forget to run Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser.
0 0 [Posted by: boyfriend  | Date: 10/31/09 06:28:18 AM]

A hard drive crash is not the only case where you can loss your data, you can also loss your files in a file system corruption too. Also, an average user would not be able to handle properly an unbootable system system due to a failed upgrade process. In the case that the user decides to perform a factory restore, then he will be losing all his data. Also, it is always recommended to use optimized drivers. It will not only assure that the hardware runs correctly, but it also let the system utilize the hardware at its full potential and performance. However, in the case that the hardware's manufacturer support has ended, then you may stay with the generic drivers shipped with Windows.
0 0 [Posted by: stealthgt  | Date: 11/01/09 01:30:42 AM]


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