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Apple has reportedly voided two warranties because of secondhand smoke. Apparently, the company claims that computers used intensively in rooms full of smoke become dangerous to repair workers and such systems will not be fixed.

At least two people were told that their computers were bio-hazard because they were used by smokers and technicians were not allowed to repair them. What is rather noteworthy is that in both cases end-users owned extended Applecare warranties, which meant that they were eligible for higher quality service. Apple not only reportedly said that smoke damaged the Macintosh personal computers, but also indicated that it was dangerous to repair them.

“They told me that they would take pictures of the computer – both inside and out before determining whether to proceed and that if the only problem was the optical drive, they'd probably just replace it. Dena called me earlier this week to deliver the ‘bad news’. She said that the computer is beyond economical repair due to tar from cigarette smoke! She said the hard drive is about to fail, the optical drive has failed and it isn't feasible to repair the computer under the warranty. This computer is less than 2 years old,” explained one unhappy Apple customer in a conversation with Consumerist web-site.

Needless to say, Apple does not give notices beforehand that it may void warranty if an end-user is a smoker. Moreover, Apple is presently the only company to refuse to repair its computers because of nicotine was in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s list of hazardous substances. Besides, Apple is so far the only company to find out that tar from cigarette smoke could harm personal computers and even cause hard disk drives to “nearly” fail.

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Just like Apple to be Socially and Politically correct to the to the far right of reality. So, If I own a business, like a bar and it is legal for the patrons to smoke. LIKE IN LAS VEGAS, AND TAHOE and I have an apple computer, they won't repair it. These same technicians are breathing in hydrocarbons from copiers and material that is outgassing through the whole building, like carpet,paint,cubicles and drive to work inhaling MTBE from peoples tail pipes and they are claiming smoke from someone smoking on a computer is hazordous??? Working on a computer is hazordous, the power supply could kill you, maybe they should not work on computers, they could cut thier finger and bleed to death. They could injure thier back lifting it out of the box, they could break a nail and then try to chew it off and choke on it. My GOD, what a bunch of pussys!
0 0 [Posted by: TerrenceRocks  | Date: 11/23/09 03:42:55 PM]

Like always, apple sucks!
0 0 [Posted by: tdevinda  | Date: 11/23/09 06:45:50 PM]

I would agree with Apple. Anyone that has done tech support would agree too. It's disgusting what smoking does to the inside of a computer. I'm glad that I am a system admin now and don't have to touch anyone else's computer but my own.

The last smoker laptop I touched the guy was a chain smoker and had serious lung issues. He coughed and hacked all over his laptop screen and keyboard. I lied to Dell and got most of the externals (LCD, keyboard, etc) replaced through Complete Care coverage. It sickened me to touch it though.

If you gunk up the internals of a computer because of your nasty habit then too bad on your warranty.
0 0 [Posted by: JonMCC33  | Date: 11/24/09 05:35:35 AM]

Ehh.. Heh.. HP has denied repairs based on excessive smoking before(Used to work at Best Buy, GS).. Seen it several times.

Now, they didn't say they wouldn't repair it, just that it would cost because of the excessive damage done by the smoking. Tends to kill the fan and layer everything causing an insulating effect creating overheating issues or can cause shorts.

As a tech myself, I can completely understand Apples stance on the warranty. Apple is NOT the first to deny a claim based on excessive smoking.. Nor will they be the last.. It's simply a nasty habbit that can effect everything around you.. Imagin if that computer is having issues, think of what the lungs of the smoker and those who live with them looks like.. ick!.. Death on a hoof.
0 0 [Posted by: techman  | Date: 11/24/09 06:32:48 AM]

I have to say I agree with Apples policy of not covering nicotine damage under their warranty its a filthy habit and shouldn't be allowed in offices in the first place. Isn't it great that PC's have warranties for the harm caused by cigarettes, but what about those poor people who also work in the same environment who is going to cover the damage caused to them.
0 0 [Posted by: Alec  | Date: 02/05/10 03:38:50 AM]


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