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Advanced Micro Devices expects to tape-out two 28nm designs during the second quarter, the company revealed. At present it is unknown whether the firm will attempt to test manufacturing of forthcoming 28nm graphics processing units at TSMC or other 28nm chips like next-generation GPUs or accelerated processing units (APUs) at Globalfoundries.

"We expect several 28nm tape-outs during the current quarter. We balance our loading according to risk performance and price. But we also said that there is, of course, a natural incentive for us at this point to work closely with Globalfoundries, and that is, of course, something we continue to do," said Thomas Seifert, interim chief executive officer of AMD and chief financial officer.

AMD's current roadmap includes a number of 28nm projects, including Krishna and Wichita APUs as well as number of Southern Islands-series GPUs, such as Tahiti, New Zealand, Lombok, Heathrow, Thames, Wimbledon, Chelsea and others. At present it is unknown which chips will AMD attempt to tape-out in the second quarter of 2011. It is more likely that the company will attempt to make a small GPU rather than an APU.

Typically (according to Wikipedia), in electronics design, tape-out is considered as the final result of the design cycle for integrated circuits, the point at which the artwork for the photomask of a circuit is sent for manufacture. As a result, it does not mean that AMD will actually get working samples of 28nm products in Q2 2011.

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Wow things are really moving fast. The 6xxx graphics series is fresh they are still releasing cards for it. I think the next generation gpus for desktop will be out next year along with a 28nm shrink of bulldozer. If there is any 28nm proucts this year it will be for low end, mobility and fusion tech. Can anyone confirm this?
0 1 [Posted by: redeemer  | Date: 04/24/11 11:39:04 AM]
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there wont be a 28nm version of bulldozer.
28nm is a so called half node process of 32nm.

those are only used on product that can be designed quickly, most often using computer-generated designed.
GPU's can be designed that way because they have a lot of repeating parts.
CPU's however, do not, and are almost exclusively designed by hand, so even shrinking a existing design down takes a lot of work and man hours.
too many too be worth it given the small advantages of relatively small step from 32nm to 28nm.

so far the only exception to this rule, for x86 anyway, has been bobcat, which is a very small core. it was released on 40nm, a half-node of 45nm, and that is going to come out on 28nm.
0 1 [Posted by: Countess  | Date: 04/25/11 07:59:09 AM]


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