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Just several weeks after Advanced Micro Devices finally got a new chief executive officer, the company announced that Rick Bergman is leaving AMD. The high-ranking executive worked at AMD for about five years after the company acquired ATI Technologies and his step down is another major loss of an ex-ATI veteran for the Sunnyvale, California-based chip designer.

"I want to thank Rick for his many contributions to AMD and wish him well in his future endeavors," said Rory Read, AMD's recently appointed chief executive officer.

Rick Bergman, the head of AMD's product group which could become the new chief executive of AMD, is leaving the company "to pursue a new opportunity", which may indicate that he will join another company shortly.

President and CEO Rory Read, who came in from a PC company, will serve as interim general manager of AMD's products group, which is responsible for completion of all products that AMD sells, including accelerated processing units for desktops and notebooks, central processing units for desktops, notebooks and servers, graphics processing units for desktops and laptops as well as other chips.

Rick Bergman is a yet another ex-ATI veteran, who leaves AMD.

Separately, AMD announced that Paul Struhsaker has joined the company to lead AMD's newly-formed commercial business division as the corporate vice president and general manager. Struhsaker will oversee product management and roadmap planning for AMD's server, high performance computing and embedded products. He joins AMD from Comcast, where he was senior vice president of engineering responsible for all set-top box platforms and video server applications.

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Is that departure a clear signal that something fundamentally wrong happens with Bulldozer?
2 3 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 09/23/11 06:34:39 AM]

Nothing to do with Bulldozer. Rick wanted the CEO position and he didn't get it, Rory Read did, so Rick left.
3 1 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 09/23/11 07:05:29 AM]
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Adding fuel to that line of thought, maybe nVidia or Intel have something to say too

0 0 [Posted by: YukaKun  | Date: 09/23/11 12:01:48 PM]
Nothing to do with AMD CEO. Rick knew he had no chances to get this role due to he failed to pass the interview with BoD 6-7 months ago. What has he been waiting for?
I see the only two reasons:
either Rick was really fired;
or he was demoted because a new person was appointed as the head of new business unit and Risk totally disagreed with it.

In any case i wouldn't overestimate his resignation. He was more a marketing than an engineer.
1 1 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 09/24/11 06:46:26 AM]
Is Rory Read an engineer?

Intel Corp.'s CEO Paul Otellini has always been "more marketing". Yet, the company did a lot more interesting steps from engineering [and marketing] points of view than under engineer Craig Barret.

The problem for AMD is that Rick Bergman knows for sure how to operate a fabless semiconductor company and deliver new products on time constantly. ATI unit does deliver new products every year.

There are very few people on this planet who know how to operate a fabless company of AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm size. Unfortunately for AMD, Rory Read has not worked at a fabless semiconductor company.
1 0 [Posted by: Anton  | Date: 09/25/11 08:56:00 AM]
On time constantly? Was not Llano delayed? Is not Bulldozer delayed? Are the yields of 32nm SOI excellent and the relations with GF bright?

In my view, as of now the AMD's future depends very much on performance of BD than on any kind of head manager. If BD module is not significantly faster than two Phenom cores, the future of AMD will look very bleak.
0 2 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 09/25/11 09:48:32 PM]

lets hope someone whit very new ideas gets at this top and makes some improvements. it might always help to get new people at the top
2 0 [Posted by: massau  | Date: 09/23/11 08:04:18 AM]

CEO of graphic products a.q.a. Radeon family, have not connected with CPU factories of Global Foudries! May be I made error?
0 0 [Posted by: Anton Markov  | Date: 09/23/11 09:15:18 AM]

Get it together AMD! Or maybe you're doing so?
1 0 [Posted by: Pouria  | Date: 09/24/11 02:32:32 AM]

AMD is thoroughly neoliberal. Their atmosphere is at rock bottom, because they want to be 'impulsive' to make profit. Neoliberalism is an insane ideology that destroyed many societies since 1970's.

'Future Is Fusion'. Even this can be read with a sinister undertone. Destroy individual persons, thinking and feelings, throw them all into an office on equally miserable conditions and responsibility to YOU. Treat each as just another employee and force them to live under the same group norms, so that nobody can create anything own. Maybe that way you can have a quantitative maximum of occational ideas, that come from the maximum number of human robots within the same parameters.
0 1 [Posted by: TeemuMilto  | Date: 09/26/11 04:09:01 AM]
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How the h#$% would you know this? Do you work for AMD Teemo? If not, never speak on these forums again.
1 1 [Posted by: veli05  | Date: 09/27/11 09:23:28 AM]
Fallacy: Burden of proof. I don't have to prove I'm right. You have to prove I'm wrong.
0 0 [Posted by: TeemuMilto  | Date: 12/04/11 01:02:12 AM]


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