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Steve Jobs is definitely a person who is hard to overestimate and whose heritage will live on for years. The industries Mr. Jobs helped to create will improve the quality of life for a long time and there will be a lot of beneficiaries of his passion towards dazzling technology and rapid innovation.

Even though Apple will follow the trajectory defined by Mr. Jobs for years and, hopefully, the company over time will become even more innovative - perhaps, thanks to ideas once thought about by its co-founder - without Steve Jobs it will never be the same.

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Here is a small recap of what Apple and Steve Jobs achieved over the years in numbers*.

Apple Market Capitalization

  • Market capitalization in May, 1997: $2.2 billion
  • Market capitalization in December, 2001: $7.70 billion
  • Market capitalization in October, 2011: $350 billion

Apple Staff Headcount 

  • Headcount in September 1997: 8437 regular employees + 1739 temporary employees and contractors
  • Headcount in September 2011: over 60000 worldwide + 2900 temporary employees and contractors

Apple Revenues and Profits 

  • Revenue and profit for 1997: $7.081 billion earnings, $1.045 billion loss
  • Revenue and profit for 2010: $65.225 billion earnings, $14.013 billion profit
  • Revenue and profit for Q3 FY2000: $1.825 billion, $0.2 billion
  • Revenue and profit for Q3 FY2011: $28.57 billion, $7.31 billion

Apple Macintosh Sales

  • Macintosh sales in 1997: 2.874 million
  • Macintosh sales in 1998: 2.763 million
  • Macintosh sales in 2010: 13.66 million
  • Number of Mac users in 2006: over 20 million
  • Number of Mac users in 2011: over 58 million users

Apple i-Devices Sales 

  • Apple iPod life-to-date sales: over 320 million since October, 2001
  • Apple iPhone life-to-date sales: over 130 million since June, 2007
  • Apple iPad life-to-date sales: over 35 million sold since April, 2010
  • Apple iOS-based devices sales: over 250 million since June, 2007

Apple iTunes Achievements 

  • Apple iTunes tracks life-to-date sales: over 16 billion since April, 2003
  • Apple AppStore/iOS applications life-to-date sales: over 18 billion since July, 2008
  • Apple AppStore/iOS applications: over 425 thousands

Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday, the 5th of October, 2011. He was 56 years old.

*Note: some numbers are estimations by financial analysts.

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Most and first of all my sincere condolences to his family. A man with brilliant visions and full with enormous passion in everything he did. A man who successfully impact to this world. May you rest in peace Steve you're vision, ideas and invention will always be remembered.

Petar Novakovic
0 0 [Posted by: petarn  | Date: 10/06/11 03:06:10 PM]


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