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Advanced Micro Devices is quietly laying off massive amounts of people ahead of a major announcement that is set to take place next week, X-bit labs has learnt. The world’s second largest designer of x86 microprocessors intends to unveil its new strategy next week that will be different from the existing one.

AMD is in process of firing from 10% to 15% of staff (up to 1500 people), primarily from marketing and public relations departments, said a person familiar with the ongoing situation, who declined to be identified as the proceedings are not made public at this time. AMD has laid off four vice presidents, including Patrick Moorhead (corporate vice president of strategy and corporate fellow), Dave Kroll (vice president of global communications) and two others.

The massive layoffs in the marketing/communications/PR departments are conditioned by several factors, X-bit labs understands. Firstly, the new chief executive Rory Read is expected to hire a new chief marketing officer shortly. Secondly, the company is about to reveal a new strategy, which will cause a number of changes within the chip designer.

AMD wants to put more efforts into consumer-oriented product designs, another person, who also asked not to be identified, with knowledge of the plans revealed. In particular, the code-named Bobcat micro-architecture, which powers the company’s popular Brazos platform, will play a much more important role in the company’s future that it was previously planned. In approximately one year the company shipped 20 million Brazos (Zacate, Ontario, etc.) chipsets for netbooks and low-power notebooks, a large number. Going forward, the firm will attempt to introduce flavours of Brazos aimed at tablets, consumer products and other devices.

What is unclear is what AMD plans to do with its high-performance and server offerings. While it is hard to expect the company to completely get rid of them, it is believed that the company will change its corporate targets and rebalance investments.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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maybe it should include improvements in IPC and releasing Phenom/Athlon III
3 1 [Posted by: madooo12  | Date: 11/03/11 03:20:26 PM]

The sky is falling, the sky is falling or NOT!

WHAT MASSIVE LAY-OFFS? Someone's on drugs... Oh wait, it's Anton the hater again. SOS, DD.

Let's see AMD is looking to cut their work force worldwide by 10% or ~ 1000 people. When Intel eliminates 5,000 people in one whack, that's not even an issue.

AMD's board wants to be in PC appliances so Read will oblige them. It does not mean that AMD has ANY plans to reduce it's efforts in laptop, desktop or server products nor have then even suggested a cut back in these products.

Most of the staff cuts are in marketing/communications/PR and that is to appease Wall Street with better financials for the next year. Then AMD will fill these positions again with little fanfare once they are shipping high volume on Trinity, Opterons and Piledriver based CPUs. It's called a business strategy for those new to business.

5 7 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/03/11 03:51:27 PM]
- collapse thread

You are completely wrong.
4 3 [Posted by: Anton  | Date: 11/03/11 06:01:40 PM]
Yeah, Bubba, you just keep hating and see how that works for ya...
4 4 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/03/11 06:27:23 PM]
anton can write whatever he wants! if you can't take it then get out of here! xbit readers don't need morons and trolls like you spamming the comments.
2 4 [Posted by: dudde  | Date: 11/03/11 09:03:12 PM]
Guys, stop to feed a troll.
4 3 [Posted by: Anton  | Date: 11/03/11 09:26:34 PM]
That's their strategy moron! They need to layoff morons like you from their payroll just to kept themselves alive!
2 4 [Posted by: dudde  | Date: 11/03/11 08:59:30 PM]
Even though they're turning a profit?

I seem to recall Intel laid off about 20,000 people between 2008 and 2010, and I'm not sure exactly how many more since then. Nobody screamed doom and gloom, in fact, it barely got reported. It's just another fine example of Intel's mouth-piece tech media trying to spin public opinion in their favor.
2 2 [Posted by: dukie_bref  | Date: 11/04/11 03:06:29 PM]
they made some profit?!? thats spare change on the low-margin and low-end segment! the difference was that intel was never in the negative red line, compared to amd who has bleeding for long time.
1 3 [Posted by: dudde  | Date: 11/07/11 07:28:09 AM]
Dud by name, dud by reputation.

$100 mil is more money that you'll ever see in your lifetime, if we held every company to the standard of making obscene monopoly abuse profits, then we'd be right back to feudalism. My sincere apologies if our Wall Street overlords wanted more stock dividends.
0 0 [Posted by: otis_spunkmeyer  | Date: 11/07/11 03:25:55 PM]
AMD had 11000+ people on its payroll.
If AMD cuts just 10% AMD'd have 10000+ people, and it wouldn't be looking as good as 9000+ if 15% cut would occure.
1 1 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 11/03/11 10:19:26 PM]

Preparing for thin profit margins from Bulldozer. AMD is on VIA-izing path.
1 1 [Posted by: Tristan  | Date: 11/03/11 04:18:10 PM]

Good idea. AMD doesn't have the resoruces or the money to keep up with Intel in the high performance cpu market. Take what is working good for you now and use it to your advantage. Don't spread yourself out and lose money on products you simply can't keep up with. The automotive industry learnt this the hard way when automboile companies like GM spreaded themselves out beyond their means.
2 2 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/03/11 04:21:14 PM]
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Really? Magny-Cours was neck-and-neck with Xeon, Bulldozer has surely surpassed Xeon.

Servers are the real high performance CPU market, not the 0.0001% of users who build enthusiast gaming desktops. Everybody else buys laptops, where AMD is equally a leader as they are with servers.
4 4 [Posted by: dukie_bref  | Date: 11/03/11 07:27:30 PM]
show the post
1 4 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/04/11 07:31:30 AM]
Apparently you don't work with servers much, there are no 6 core Magny-Cours. It's 12 core Magny Cours (and now 16 core Bulldozer) CPUs vs 10/8/6 core Xeons.

And yes, they do hand Xeons their arse on a silver platter, they actually are the top-dog CPU in many important categories. Maybe one day Intel will catch up.
3 3 [Posted by: dukie_bref  | Date: 11/04/11 03:02:39 PM]
I meant 6 cores.

No they aren't that's a load....
1 3 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/04/11 03:16:16 PM]
You mean, Intel's top shill, Anand? The guy who refused to stop using Futuremark, even though the entire industry cast shame upon it as being Intel-biased?

Anand is the worst of the worst, even though there are many who are quite bad. You only cite Anand when nobody else can distort the truth enough to prove your point.
2 2 [Posted by: dukie_bref  | Date: 11/04/11 04:18:30 PM]
OMFG... I humored you and read the article. The Magny Cours CPU won half the benchmarks, some by a large margin, and most of the losses were quite close. Just WTH point were you trying to make with that. Did YOU even read that review?
3 3 [Posted by: dukie_bref  | Date: 11/04/11 04:24:29 PM]
Well i haven't seen you potray anything in regards to that article all i've seen is rants and troll post. I mean seriously how many post do you need? You really are ignorant aren't you. You stated that the opterons beat the Xeons. Then you say they beat them by half. Did you even read the article?

sharing performance benchmarks doesn't equal win buddy.
1 3 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/05/11 02:27:13 AM]
show the post
1 4 [Posted by: dukie_bref  | Date: 11/05/11 06:06:51 AM]
scared lol how about keeping your rants in 1 post, that's a start. That is the most laughable thing i have read now i know how much of a AMD fanboy you are. Is that some sort of joke intel can't compete against AMD's technology? So Sandy Bridge beating the hell out of any phenom or FX processor isn't not only competeting but not stomping a mud whole in AMD? Are you on drugs? Intel has proven they don't need many core to beat AMD. The FX is a prime example of that Sandy Bridge 4 cores beat AMD's FX 8 core cpus. You going to plug your ears on that?

Yeah well guess what people that want the best buy pay a premuim for that's how it goes and Intel is the best high performance cpu on the market today. So you need 24 more cores to out perform a 40 core intel cpu? Thanks for proving my point.
1 2 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/05/11 09:24:28 AM]
I think the comments section is an area do discuss the article, if they wanted to impose a limit on the number of comments or just ban me, they would. Quit being such a little b*tch, you're basically saying: "Please stop posting and let me get the last word in, I can't keep up with you!!!"

I know you're some 30 y/o geek sitting in your Mom's basement trolling here inbetween playing WoW, but try to understand:

It's not per-core performance that's important for servers, it's per CPU, so I don't care how many cores AMD needs to beat Intel, since any server is going to be running parallel applications anyways. If 4 AMD CPUs make a better server than 4 Intel CPUs(and they do), then that's all I need to know about them, the details are irrelevant. Maybe one day, Intel will finally figure out multi-chip packaging for IMC CPUs, then AMD will have some competition.

Even as such, performance desktops that are creating all of these "bragging rights" for Intel are a niche market, because AMD and Intel both sell far more laptops and servers, Even most of the desktops sold aren't performance desktops, they're OEM crap desktops with dual-core CPUs.
1 2 [Posted by: dukie_bref  | Date: 11/05/11 11:10:15 AM]
I'm being a little B**tch because you are too ignorant to post a statement in your article without splitting it up in fragment post? Oh yeah that's it i'm scared of your mindless idiotic rants. You got me that's why i'm still posting.

So personal attacks is what it has come to because you have a weak arguement due to the fact that you are heavily biases. Thats just great. Now everyone can see how immature and ignorant at once you are. Please don't confuse my life with yours.

You dont' care how many cores AMD runs to beat intel? LOL. News Flash more cores = more energy and that's one of the big reasons what corp look for is TDP's in their servers.On what grounds does 4 opeterons make better performance then 4 Xeons? The latest Xeons have a better TDP rating and a better performance rating clock for clock core for core.

So there you go. The meat of the market is where the consumor market is and Intel is winning that battle overall. There is no denying that.
1 1 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/05/11 11:29:38 AM]
Your rationale is shaky at best, my friend.

You assume that every core has an equal power draw, and that core count is therefore the enemy, and that's just not so. Especially if you intend to cram hundreds or thousands of cores into a single cluster.

By revenue generated, servers are the market, followed by laptops, and then desktops. Server CPUs come off the same wafer, but sell for $2000 instead of $200.

Here is an article from 2005 saying that laptops began outselling desktops 6 years ago. They sell closer to 70% or 80% now.

AMDs entire product line can't be judged on a few silly Windows benchmarks on desktop PCs.
1 1 [Posted by: tjackson89  | Date: 11/05/11 08:05:29 PM]
Um no i didn't where did i say that? I clearly stated that core for core in the competitive market right now Intel has the best in its segment vs the competition.

Ok then do you have a better method of testing cpu's? i'd sure like to hear it maybe you can suggest what tom's hardware does is silly testing to them and come up with a whole new scheme of benchmarking cpu's.
1 1 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/05/11 09:11:17 PM]
What exactly is your expertise in computers, other than reading computer news on Xbit?

It is very obvious to me that you don't have any, yet you want to argue with me and the entire world about something you don't know much about. Maybe you should try listening for once. Go ahead and post your 3 paragraph reply, I won't read it or respond.
0 1 [Posted by: tjackson89  | Date: 11/06/11 05:34:13 AM]
So that is your argument? Where did you got to school mr know it all? Oh wait let me guess the school of nowhere? So if wrong. If you had all of this vast knowledge then please explain to me how the lastes Xeons don't outperform the lastest opterons in TDP and performance clock for clock core for core? Oh wait you can't, because it's fact, because if you were so highly edjucated then you wouldn't have made that argument in the first place, but when you are wrong i get a personal attacked, which clearly shows me you have no argument.
0 1 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 11/07/11 10:45:46 AM]
Asking for somebody's credentials on the internet is futile at best.

Having said that, those blokes at Cray sure seem to like Opertons. It's their job to be the best of the best, more than a normal OEM, I'm sure Intel wants their business and would be willing to cut a sweet deal to get it, there must be a reason why they haven't gotten it.
0 0 [Posted by: otis_spunkmeyer  | Date: 11/07/11 03:33:22 PM]
Your argument would have a lot more credibility if AMD's server market share didn't dwindle to 4.9%:

Also, even if for the tasks you use, there are certain Magny-Cours SKUs that fit your price/performance value better, 95% of the server market disagrees with your assessment that Intel needs to "catch up to AMD in servers".
1 1 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 11/05/11 10:24:59 AM]
Fail. Does that mean if 95% of the people think the earth is perfectly flat and the unmoving center of the universe, that it must be so?

You have to look at how things got that way, and how server purchases are made: from OEMs. I've dealt with Dell and HP corporate salespeople all of the time, they try their best not to sell you AMD products, even though according to their websites they do have a token few AMD products each. They refuse to explain why either, except that the Intel product is "professional, for businesses, what you need, etc..."

Clearly, Intel is coercing the OEMs, after all, they've done it before. I've since dumped the big guys for a boutique system builder who will build WTF I ask for.
1 1 [Posted by: dukie_bref  | Date: 11/05/11 11:16:31 AM]
show the post
0 3 [Posted by: dudde  | Date: 11/07/11 07:34:20 AM]

Will we see Opterons 62xx at all? As of today there are no any signs of it but rumors about Cray.
Opterons 62xx need TWO dice to be cooked. With low 32nm SOI yields it's very hard to cook it. Not bright performance doesnot bring oil in for cooking also.

P.S. 10% (or even 15%) workforce cut maybe is not enought to stay AMD afloat. NV has just 5000+. Looks like that will be the AMD's target.
1 1 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 11/03/11 10:26:33 PM]
- collapse thread

Launch date is soon.
1 0 [Posted by: Bingle  | Date: 11/04/11 12:10:38 PM]

A few years ago AMD had 20% of the server market. Now they have 4%. This is a disastrous trendline. Bulldozer is not going to help at all.
1 1 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 11/04/11 10:18:32 AM]

, primarily from marketing and public relations departments

See you JF.
0 0 [Posted by: Marburg U  | Date: 11/04/11 03:19:54 PM]

For any new strategy AMD wants to make, they just want to remember one principal thing:

PLEASE work with software developers, more and more and more and more.................,
On any condition, you cant make chips, CPUs, APUs, GPUs and just have your Architecture without SOFTWARE ENHANCEMENTS for it. AMD! you need to be more close to more software developers like Adobe, Autodesk, id software ( this 5850 and latest driver 11.10 make textures Blue into the Rage! and this is not the first time AMD make Game-plays like this, Its the way ), Unreal Engine ... in any aspect I mean. Gaming, Engineering, Word processing(yes thats a thing too) and many more that I never know. Enough with your very little relationships with the very little developers. For example what did you do for the absence of PhysX rendering by your GPUs because of NVIDIA's strategy and so on?
Hope AMD read this lol.
0 0 [Posted by: Pouria  | Date: 11/04/11 04:07:07 PM]

Actually AMD has been cultivating better relations with their partners for several years. That is part of the reason why they gained 130 new OEMs with Llano.

For the record gaming is a very small part of the CPU market but yes it would be nice for AMD to improve it's Vid drivers and for software developers to actually write better code to take advantage of the additional CPU cores that AMD has offered for years. Consumer software is decades behind CPU capabilities.

Don't forget that AMD is not playing on a level field. Intel is able to illegally prevent a lot of cooperation for AMD via bribe money, blackmail, coercion and other violations of law. AMD has done quite well considering Intel has what amounts to an illegally gotten market monopoly with more pending prosecutions.
3 3 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/04/11 08:10:36 PM]
- collapse thread

You nailed it, brother. Walmart seems to be the only retailer stocking an equal number of AMD and Intel laptops. Best Buy still only keeps 3 AMD models in stores and tucks them off to the side to ensure that anybody who didn't specifically come for one won't find one.
0 0 [Posted by: otis_spunkmeyer  | Date: 11/07/11 03:22:54 PM]

Advanced Micro Devices is quietly laying off massive amounts of people
the proceedings are not made public at this time.
AMD did not comment on the news-story.
Am I the only one who found this ironic since:
The massive layoffs in the marketing/communications/PR departments
2 0 [Posted by: xrror  | Date: 11/06/11 03:32:32 AM]

Actually AMD sent out a Press Release so Anton's hating was more proof of his Intel fanboism.
2 2 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/06/11 12:04:22 PM]
- collapse thread

This is a PR from AMD proving your in their marketing payroll which by the way is a department of retards!
1 3 [Posted by: dudde  | Date: 11/07/11 07:35:36 AM]
Being socially and technically ignorant does not change reality. You should seek professional help for your personal issues.
2 2 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/07/11 08:43:15 AM]


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