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Even though system-on-chips based on 64-bit ARMv8 architecture are about two years away, ARM Holding said that Microsoft Corp. is already developing a 64-bit version of Windows for ARM. It is unknown when the new OS is set to hit the market and whether it would be based on Windows 8 or already on Windows 9 technology.

"ARM works with all its OS and ecosystem partners to inform them on next generation technologies and enable their support," said Nandan Nayampally, head of ARM's processor marketing division, in an email statement, reports IDG News Service.

While currently available Windows RT operating system for ARM-based computers or tablets has similar look and feel as Windows 8, it is a 32-bit operating system, thus requires appropriate drivers and cannot address more than 4GB of memory. Partly because of 32-bit software limitations, Windows RT cannot address the market of high-performance systems, even though advanced system-on-chips with decent processing capabilities are due next year.

ARM partners are expected to roll-out their first SoCs featuring Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57 cores with ARMv8 64-bit architecture sometimes in late 2013 or in 2014. The Cortex-A50-series cores have a number of performance advantages over currently available Cortex-A9 or Cortex-A15 and are fully compatible with 32-bit environment and therefore can be used with Windows RT operating system. Still, to take full advantage of their capabilities, a 64-bit operating system along with new drivers and software will be needed.

Both ARM and Microsoft are tight-lipped about specific features of 64-bit Windows for ARM and exact timeframe of availability. The main intrigue is whether the new OS will be enhanced Windows RT or something brand new, which will be based on the core of the next-generation Windows 9.

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0 5 [Posted by: 123  | Date: 11/01/12 10:50:07 PM]
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Things not ending well for Microsoft are usually good news for the customer, so i'm all for it!

Then again, if ARM devices with Windows suck, people might just switch to that other OS that's already available for those chips. We'll finally see the year of the Linux desktop! *maniacal laughter*
3 1 [Posted by: Nightgawk  | Date: 11/02/12 01:08:47 AM]
As a customer (and not stock holder) I rather appreciate successes that come from innovations, but not from failures of competing products.
I wish to Linux (and other OSes) users a systems so good that they will not need a dissapointing Windows editions to be atractive.
(whether Windows 8 RT actually sucks, or not)
4 1 [Posted by: KonradK  | Date: 11/02/12 02:51:52 AM]
The lack of attractivity of Linux and other OSes comes mainly from Microsoft abusing their dominant market position. Their idea of competition is to keep other vendors out of the market with any and every means.

See also:,_extend_and_extinguish


So yes, i really wish for M$ to fail, so the others will finally get a chance on the market.
0 1 [Posted by: Nightgawk  | Date: 11/05/12 12:06:28 AM]

The reason that Linux is vastly superior to Windows 8 is because it is free, free of corporations aka evil entities who robotize their products to suit only their Will. I hate DirectX, its the only thing that is keeping Linux back. I wish some billionaire would dump half a billion on OpenGL to make it the defacto game API. I wish I had a billion to do it myself. Microsoft has always delivered on one thing; complete compromise of privacy and security. It's quite an accomplishment. They remind of Donald Trump's offer to Obama. They design a front end for tablets and say WE ARE GOD, this will now be the default front end for desktops. Fok you Microsoft. Long Live Linux! and Linus Torvalds.

3 3 [Posted by: ericore  | Date: 11/02/12 09:16:56 AM]
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LOL If you have a billion to dump it, you'd probably just like spent it elsewhere while following Megaorps path and trying to make 2-3-4 billions of it.

You must undestood that people are retards and they're just smoke this crap. And if not well MS will must shrug with being only consoles maker

What i'm hate that they try to compete in Smartphone/Tablet market by offering craptastic OS for those and being uncompetitive in that market they also feel a need to idiotize people offering them retarded Metro setup for desktop and selling them that crap as something "you need to have". What to say. Way to go Megacorp. Wooo-hooo

2 1 [Posted by: OmegaHuman  | Date: 11/02/12 08:12:30 PM]
The free part is nice, but what truly makes Linux vastly superior to any Microsoft product is that it is open source. This fact alone presents that all code in the kernel and all open source software on Linux can be scrutinized by armies of programmers with a hobby for fixing bugs. Therefore, there is far less bugs than Windows. Secondly, due to the open source nature it is simple to get the source code, add extra features to the programs that you need, and possibly get those features in the next version of the program for everyone else on the globe to use. It is simply evolution and innovation at it's finest, with not a single patent or lawsuit around to stop progress.

Companies like Canonical who have learned how to build entire businesses and manage open source resources to such a high degree, attracting thousands of unpaid programmers to volunteer, are truly interesting pieces of this puzzle who bring all the great open source software to Linux.
0 1 [Posted by: mmstick  | Date: 11/04/12 03:22:07 PM]
Why the hell did you have to pick Canonical, of all things? Their latest stunt with the integrated Amazon search is a capital blunder that'll hopefully see them punished with dropping market shares.
0 0 [Posted by: Nightgawk  | Date: 11/05/12 02:47:04 AM]


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