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Local environmental activists and council representatives showed up this week at a meeting against Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s plans to build its first 450mm wafer fab plant at the Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP), where the park’s administration presented its environmental-evaluation and health-risk assessment plan for the first 450mm wafer fab.

TSMC intends to start building its first 450mm fab in the first quarter of 2014, less than a quarter after the authorities complete their evaluations and assessments. Meanwhile numerous local residents who live near the Taichung City, accuse factories in the CTSP of illegally discharging sewage at night, creating air pollution and noise. The environmental activists also claim that CTSP causes frequent flooding that hit the area, reports China Economic News Service.

While semiconductor fab themselves do not create a lot of air pollution, they consume tremendous amount of energy and utilize remarkable amount of water. It is unclear at this point how much water and energy will TSMC’s 450mm fab require as all of its details are still to be determined later, when production equipment is ready for mass production and other parameters are set.

TSMC already acquired land for its 450mm semiconductor facility, which will cost around $13.7 billion to construct and equip.

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Yes the amount of water used is scary, more scary than the amount of electricity the whole facility needs. With the blue gold wars in play, this is not a sound way to go forward. We need to explore methods to recycle and use a certain pool of water instead of wasting away good clean water after one use.

Sure costs of chips will go up but we need to think about sustainability. The coming shortage of clean unsalted water is not fear mongering. Its a very real and defined calamity.
1 0 [Posted by: vanakkuty  | Date: 12/27/12 07:26:27 PM]

Without drawing away attention from the pollution and water scarcity issue, I just want to say that the water is purified beyond potable drinking status:
I don't know the exact figures, but if it raises the price of freshwater locally then it's using a lot, yeah. Desalination plants would require even more electricity to compensate in such a scenario, perhaps making freshwater expensive either way (unless the utility is renewable and abundant, like fusion or wind turbines)
0 0 [Posted by: qubit  | Date: 12/27/12 08:56:27 PM]
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We call this DiWater, De-ionized water. Still Corporations will try to get the clean drinking water as source from which they will process out the DiWater.

Something has to give, we cant have development and growth without pollution if steps are not taken care of finding the balance. These companies are greedy capitalists with the least regard to the environment as long as it makes them a profit. Its only regulation that forces them to do their part, they never do it out of the greatness of their silicon cold hearts.

We can then go on to asking should we allow such progress in consumerism at the cost of the natural resources? Then we open another can of worms where people will say tree huggers are hampering their dreams of the next iphone or android phone.

Harsh reality of the so called green movement, a good 90% of its supporters are blatant two faced hypocrites. They will have their smartphones with them and they'll tell you accurately about how the environment is being affected but when it comes to making the hard choices of not supporting consumerism, no one is ready. They all like talk about it but nothing is actually done. This is why we have this situation today. People changing their phones every year, block that and they will say Government is hampering their rights. Yeah sure they have a right to take part in what is essentially affecting the scarce resources one way or another.

Sure desalination plants are needing more power which means more fossil fuels are needed, more pollution you can say. All true. It just shows if you want development pollution will come with it, unless we discover a clean source of new abundant power that's so great that it leaves no bad left overs.

We need regulations to force these companies to take up the burden of making their own water reservoirs from which they recycle and use it a lot lot more.

It can be done. Mclaren technology center at woking is one such an example of what can be done.

Ofcours that means money investment, reduced profits, greed can't grow , oh how sad I feel for these rich corporations. Not.
1 0 [Posted by: vanakkuty  | Date: 12/27/12 11:31:05 PM]
i think the problem is just any you could make a car that rides for 20 years and doesn't break down but everyone wants new cars whit fancy gadgets. the companies need to make everything extremely cheap.
but if you make something that will last for a long time then your company will go bankrupt.

so the whole "system" idea is wrong. the government needs to make regulations but if they are to tight they will go to another country.
so at the moment there is no solution until we have universal laws over the whole world.

but these fabs have lots of money so they can make a rather green fab because the water and electricity is really expensive in the long run.
0 0 [Posted by: massau  | Date: 12/28/12 06:59:10 AM]
Yes, I've know it's called de-ionized water as I've worked in a laboratory before- I just chose to describe its general characteristics because I was speaking to non-technical readers too. Sometimes mentioning too many technical words makes it sound confusing and inaccessible, when a basic point can be understood.
1 0 [Posted by: qubit  | Date: 12/29/12 09:20:29 PM]


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