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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has pulled risk production of chips using 16nm FinFET manufacturing tech into calendar year 2013, which suggests that it will commence commercial manufacturing a bit earlier than expected. The commitment also shows TSMC’s readiness for leading-edge chip manufacturing in general.

“It looks like we have another 7 to 8 years ahead in advances – maybe more – we can see in technology down to 10nm and even 7nm. Moore’s Law is going to go on and we will be there – if anyone pursues it, we will pursue it”, said Morris Chang, founder and chief executive of TSMC, reports EETimes web-site.

According to the report, TSMC speeded up its plans for initial production of its 16nm FinFET process to the end of 2013. The move will put TSMC in line with its major competitor GlobalFoundries with 14nm-like node (14nm-XM) in 2013-2014.

GlobalFoundries' 14nm-XM offering is based on a modular technology architecture that uses a 14nm FinFET devices combined with 20nm-LPM process back-end-of-line (BEOL) interconnect flow. Leveraging the maturity of the 20nm-LPM technology will enable a rapid time-to-market as well as a smooth transition for customers looking to tap the benefits of FinFET system-on-chips as soon as possible.

At the press conference, Mr. Chang, also expressed his desires to to adopt extreme ultraviolet lithography to make 10nm chips starting in late 2015 as well as research e-beam as an alternative.

The legendary chairman of TSMC, who took the CEO role during the economic crisis, remains optimistic about the industry in general.

“Fabless companies probably can enjoy nine percent growth this year, and we are also optimistic about ourselves - we expect growth in the teens,” Mr. Chang is reported to have said.

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Samsung already in production with 10nm process ?
1 1 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 04/13/13 03:58:40 AM]
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memory != logic
1 1 [Posted by: sirroman  | Date: 04/13/13 11:20:45 AM]
"10nm-class" counts everything from 10-19nm. 19nm NAND is now a thing, so they call it "10nm-class".
1 2 [Posted by: Alereon  | Date: 04/14/13 05:50:18 AM]
This statement is correct, they do the same thing with television displays but backwards (really grinds my gears)
0 0 [Posted by: BillionPa  | Date: 04/15/13 05:31:20 PM]

16nm finFET should give some very nice ARM chips. More performance / watt
3 0 [Posted by: Prosthetic_Head  | Date: 04/14/13 03:02:31 AM]
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I would love to see a 32-core or even 64-core ARM A57 for a desktop chip. In a single thread process it would stink but anything well written, which is more often than not these days, it should show Intel/AMD a clear pair of heels given enough cores and at 16nm it wouldn't have to be a crazy big die.
0 0 [Posted by: loadwick  | Date: 04/14/13 09:44:36 AM]

The greatest asset that these chip designs have is an open source software without a legacy problems.
0 0 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 04/14/13 03:47:10 PM]

"The move will put TSMC in line with its major competitor Global Foundries with 14nm-like node (14nm-XM) in 2013-2014."

Is there even a 28nm chip commercially available from GloFo as of today?

Global Foundries talks a good game, but 14nm availability in 2014 stretches credibility.

0 0 [Posted by: BernardP  | Date: 04/15/13 09:14:03 AM]
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What do you think the Glofo 32nm is, Its on par with TSMC 28nm to some extent.

BTW Glofo is already shipping products made on 28nm for some months now.
0 0 [Posted by: keysplayer  | Date: 04/16/13 11:23:39 AM]


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