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Apple on Monday showed a sneak peek into the future of the workstation with a first look at the next generation Mac Pro. The PC introduces a completely new professional desktop architecture and unique design. With next generation Xeon processors, dual workstation-class GPUs, Thunderbolt 2, PCIe-based flash storage, and fast ECC memory, the new 9.9” tall Mac Pro packs unprecedented amount of power into an incredibly small package.

“With the latest Xeon processors, dual AMD FirePro GPUs, ECC memory, PCIe-based flash and Thunderbolt 2, all built around a revolutionary thermal core, the next generation Mac Pro is the most radical Mac yet. All this performance and expandability is packed into a dramatic new design that’s one-eighth the volume, and best of all, it will be assembled here in the USA,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

The next generation Mac Pro is architected around a unified thermal core that allows the desktop to efficiently share its entire thermal capacity across all the processors. The result is a pro desktop with breakthrough performance packed into a design that is one-eighth the volume of the current Mac Pro. Next generation Intel Xeon E5 processors with up to 12 core configurations deliver double the floating point performance. With two AMD FirePro workstation-class GPUs, the all-new Mac Pro is up to 2.5 times faster than the current Mac Pro and delivers up to 7TFLOPS teraflops of compute power. The new Mac Pro also features PCIe-based solid-state storage that is up to 10 times faster than conventional desktop hard drives and includes the latest four-channel ECC DDR3 memory running at 1866 MHz to deliver up to 60GB/s of memory bandwidth. With all that power, the new Mac Pro lets you seamlessly edit full-resolution 4K video while simultaneously rendering effects in the background.


The next generation Mac has six Thunderbolt 2 ports that can deliver up to 20Gb/s of bandwidth to each external device. Mac Pro is perfect for connecting to external storage, multiple PCI Express expansion chassis, audio and video breakout boxes, and the latest external displays, including 4K desktop displays. Each of the six Thunderbolt 2 ports supports up to six daisy-chained devices, giving you the ability to connect up to 36 high-performance peripherals. Thunderbolt 2 is completely backwards compatible with existing Thunderbolt peripherals, and allows to transfer data between Macs faster and easier than ever.

The next generation Apple Mac Pro will be available later this year.

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why apple select AMD GCN firepro instead of nvidia kepler based quadro-
coz in compute, GCN is miles ahed than kepler. u can check on professional tools i tested and found AMD FirePRO is much better than nvidia quadro...

5 0 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 06/10/13 10:14:02 PM]
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isn't quadro based on titan. the gtx6xx (an d rebranded 7xx) are better for gaming whil the older gpu's of nvidia where better at computing. titan is the king but its really big.
4 0 [Posted by: massau  | Date: 06/11/13 03:02:01 AM]
sorry frnd but in professional market AMD S10000 is the king and in pc market HD 7990 is far better than titan at same price also on titan u will get cartoonish hair while on HD 7990 u will get realistic hair thnx to AMD TressFX.
5 1 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 06/11/13 03:58:01 AM]
i think the main reason is amd push on opencl which is the same approach as apple. while nvidia with it cuda.
2 0 [Posted by: Amir Anuar  | Date: 06/11/13 06:15:05 AM]
0 0 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 07/07/13 04:01:04 AM]
0 0 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 07/07/13 04:01:20 AM]
0 0 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 07/07/13 04:01:36 AM]

Two initial observations:

*The design does not seem to be very user serviceable, especially compared to the previous model. Upgrading in the future will likely be painfull.

*Does this "thing" have USB3 besides Thunderbolt? As the interior seems unaccessible, external harddrives are the only way to go. USB3 is MUCH more available then TB. Maybe TB is the new Firewire?

*As a result, you will get a nice calbe salad on your desk. How great a design!
3 0 [Posted by: Nightdrake  | Date: 06/11/13 12:03:35 AM]
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0 0 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 07/07/13 04:02:05 AM]

Can't see any optical drive either. Looks like that any upgrade/extention will have to be done with peripherals.....
0 0 [Posted by: lgm  | Date: 06/11/13 01:33:07 AM]

Audio visual pros USE OPTICAL DRIVES!!!
0 0 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 06/11/13 02:39:56 AM]

I guess the design is kind of catchy, but it seems to be more of a gimmick than a sound engineering solution for a seriously expensive and crucial piece of kit.
0 0 [Posted by: crointel  | Date: 06/11/13 03:20:14 PM]

I bet that under load that thing sounds like a lawnmower

No more using your 'pooter as a peripherals table so you'll end up with a desk full of HDD's etc etc
0 0 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 06/12/13 01:39:50 AM]
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0 0 [Posted by: mudi1  | Date: 07/07/13 04:02:28 AM]


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