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Apple has issued a statement where it explains how it works with the U.S. law enforcement organizations and how it reveals data when requested. As it turns out, the company received between 4 and 5 thousands requests from government agencies in half a year. Apple did not provide any direct access to customers’ data and fulfilled as few requests as possible. Moreover, Apple did not provide any access to FaceTime and iMessage conversations.

“We first heard of the government’s ‘Prism’ program when news organizations asked us about it on June 6,” a statement by Apple reads.

Apple does not provide any government agency with direct access to our servers, and any government agency requesting customer content must get a court order. Like several other companies, Apple had asked the U.S. government for permission to report how many requests it received related to national security and how it handles them.

From December 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013, Apple received between 4000 and 5000 requests from U.S. law enforcement for customer data. Between 9000 and 10000 accounts or devices were specified in those requests, which came from federal, state and local authorities and included both criminal investigations and national security matters. The most common form of request comes from police investigating robberies and other crimes, searching for missing children, trying to locate a patient with Alzheimer’s disease, or hoping to prevent a suicide.

Regardless of the circumstances, Apple’s legal team conducts an evaluation of each request and, only if appropriate, Apple retrieves and delivers the narrowest possible set of information to the authorities. In fact, from time to time when Apple sees inconsistencies or inaccuracies in a request, it will refuse to fulfill it.

Apple claims it has always placed a priority on protecting its customers’ personal data, and it does not collect or maintain a mountain of personal details about our customers in the first place. There are certain categories of information which Apple does not provide to law enforcement or any other group because Apple does not retain it.

For example, conversations which take place over iMessage and FaceTime are protected by end-to-end encryption so no one but the sender and receiver can see or read them. Apple cannot decrypt that data. Similarly, Apple do not store data related to customers’ location, Map searches or Siri requests in any identifiable form.

“We will continue to work hard to strike the right balance between fulfilling our legal responsibilities and protecting our customers’ privacy as they expect and deserve,” stated Apple.

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Anyone who believes in such diehard declarations is not only ripe for the plucking, he is also ripe for the shafting. Every human is dual natured with one's Moment of Vacillation dependent only on opportunity and not on uncertainty. This is the reason why humans are so easily mesmerised and is also the reason why those lacking depth are into divorce like there is no tomorrow and all becuz they were "In Love" when it all started. And still the hypnotised are holding out for The One [and Only]. No wonder the wetdream of Politicians and Propagandists is The Middling Truth, The Truth which neither has a Beginning nor an Ending. Just like "Syria" & "Iran" being the prequels to controlling the numpties back home. How convenient.

The Apple of the PhonyPoddyPaddy eyes is a champ in ferreting private info every which way they can so why are they so protective of what they'd stolen? Really? And you speak to the Toothfairy every night before goin' Bye-byes? Ask yourself this. Who and where is the human who would not relinquish his freedom to information when threatened by a red-hot poker ferreting its way towards his bottomly orifice? Yes sweets, we are all dual natured becuz we all have a price stamped across our foreheads, which is after we had developed thoughts - after relinquishing our 6th Sense of Absoluteness/Spirituality for the 5 senses of malleability and started 'finking and 'finking about What If/The Past or What Will/The Future.

Like all Infinitisers, Zer Afflings will twist and turn where zer Count de Money trail leads. 100.1% with the extra 0.1% for comforting. For those whose hobby is to debate everything under where their sun cannot reach, Absoluteness only exists where Declaration or Justification cannot - no matter how hard the latter try. This is why Spirituality is everywhere and is yet unattainable/realisable by those mired into Fame, Fortune & Immortality, oka Materialism. When you are Of Absoluteness, you do not need to debate about anything nor declare anything. It takes a thief to catch another thief. People declare this, that and the other because like a thief being wary about "The Law"/Their-Conscience, they are always guilty and overly cautious about the Beggary-Thievery within others. Afterall, the moment when a "Preseedent" declares that he is The President is when he is not. Hands up those who would like to disagree. Shorely not you toots. Perhaps your PhonyPoddyPaddy needs "upgrading" to a newer model thereby elevating you, once again, to the ranks of zombies who believe every word their master spews forth - whilst not forgetting the best bit, their dribblings for their vacuous salivates.

Those who desire mastery of self are those who have zero desire to master another nor be mastered by another and these aspirants should ask themselves, "For what earthly reason would one keep ANY information about another?" For the unearthly reasons, of course. Those desirous of their reality ought to realise that Materialism is just another word for Limitation. This is the reason why all have to die, one fine day, and relinquish all one's material gain - other than the non-material ones which we are principled to keep, of course. It is for this simple reason that Malevolence is not after our material resources unlike the spiel He gave to His vacuous numpty Tag-Alongs about Money, Money, Money being everything. If only because that which is material is not only limited, it is mostly replaceable. As for that which is not replaceable but negative/destructive/devolutionary, Malevolence wants His victims to keep them forever and a day - for The Moment when one has to account for everything, which include one's many lives of Trials & Tribulations which are minutely recorded for that moment. And this is not about The Mesmeric Tentacle of The Bookie, Religion & Religiosity, this is about Reality, which for humans is firstly of tangibility of the material before being gifted the tangibility of the non-material/spiritual for those who have realised that there is no such thing as The Desire for Purity when there is no Purity within the Desire. Realise too that the reason why "upgrades" are so-fashionable/of-religiosity is because mesmerism needs constant affirmation, just like those being mesmerised to chant "verses" on their way to Blowin' Em All Up. Above all else, beliefs lack tangibility. A Simplicity which Eludes.
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