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Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday said that over ten system builders in the U.S. and Canada have begun to offer high-end personal computers based on AMD FX-9000 central processing units. The new systems will offer performance that so far has been unachievable by AMD FX-based systems, but will come at massive prices.

“At E3, AMD was proud to announce the world’s first commercially available 5.0 GHz CPU and today we’re happy to make the AMD FX-9000 series available exclusively through system integrators. The eight-core FX-9590, based on “Piledriver” architecture provides customers up to 5.0GHz of unlocked performance. Additionally, the FX-9000 series features AMD Turbo-Core 3.0 providing enthusiasts maximum computing by optimizing performance across CPU cores,” a statement by AMD reads.

At present, eleven high-end PC makers offer systems based on AMD FX-9370 and AMD FX-9590 central processing units, including Canada Computers, CyberPower, iBuyPower, Digital Storm, Extreme PC, Maingear, Memory Express, NCIX, Origin PC, Puget Systems and Velocity Micro.

Although the recently announced AMD FX-9000 series microprocessors are only 17% - 20% faster than their predecessors, they cost considerably more than existing FX-8300 family central processing units. is currently taking orders on AMD FX-9370 and AMD FX-9590 microprocessors at $576 and $920, respectively. The regular eight-core AMD FX-series microprocessors cost from $150 to $195, hence, price-premium for 17% - 20% higher performance is more than significant. 

There are two extreme FX microprocessor models available: FX-9370 clocked at 4.40GHz with 4.70GHz maximum Turbo Core frequency as well as FX-9590 clocked at 4.70GHz with 5.00GHz maximum Turbo Core frequency. The new FX chips have eight Piledriver cores and come in AM3+ form-factor. The new processors have whopping 220W thermal design power. Given the fact that there are currently few mainboards that officially support chips with such high power consumption, the new chips are not drop-in compatible with existing infrastructure.

The rumours about code-named Centurion chips with ultra-high clock-speeds have been floating around for some time now. Originally, it was expected that limited edition FX chips will conquer 5.0GHz clock-speed with all of its eight cores, and will therefore will be competitive against Intel’s Core i7 high-end desktop (HEDT) products in LGA2011 packaging. Moreover, Centurion was supposed to reach the frequency with air cooling and remain stable inside desktop PCs.

In reality, AMD managed to boost default clock-speed of Vishera eight-core processors to 4.70GHz, or by 17.5% compared to the FX-8350, the top-of-the-range chip available for end-users today. Moreover, the chips will be available to system makers only, which suggests that they need more sophisticated cooling systems than typically utilized by end-users.

AMD’s current top-of-the-range eight-core FX-8350 microprocessor is clocked at 4.0GHz and in terms of performance is typically behind Intel Core i7-3770K and Core i7-4770K (4 cores with HT, LGA1155) as well as Core i7-3970X (6 cores with HT, LGA2011). While in video games its performance can easily be improved by overclocking, in applications where performance difference equals or exceeds 50%, a 17.5% clock-speed boost will hardly help much.

Several years ago AMD already offered so-called TWKR chips, which were available in quantity of less than 100 units worldwide, but which attracted loads of attention to Phenom II processors in mid-2009. 

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Evidently AMD is able to produce quite a few of these FX-9590 CPUs, which bodes well for a potential Steamroller CPU down the road. Actual testing of the FX-9590 against Intel CPUs showed the FX-9590 doing quite well, thank you.


These CPUs are already on sale as processors only in the UK and U.S. retailers are taking orders.


BTW, Asrock has tested and confirmed the FX-9590 and similar CPUs run just fine on the 990FX Fatality and Extreme9 mobos. Gigabyte is also selling a FX-9590 suitable mobo and no doubt Asus is or will.

The 220w TDP quoted seems to actually be total power consumed, not TDP. In addition those of us running FX-8350s @ 4.7+ GHz. are not consuming even close to 220w.
1 0 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 07/17/13 12:36:37 PM]


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