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The first details regarding Microsoft Corp.’s next major refresh of its operating systems have begun to emerge. The new Windows OSes code-named “Threshold” are supposed to bring different systems closer together from a user experience perspective, but at the same time re-introduce certain functions that will bring back practices known to the most users of traditional Windows operating systems.

The code-named Threshold is a set of operating systems for personal computers/2-in-1s (a "modern" consumer version, a traditional/PC version, and a traditional enterprise type), smartphones/tablets as well as Xbox One designed to advance them in a way to share even more common elements and to bring different systems closer together from a user experience perspective. But instead of plainly creating unified user interface for all types of devices, Microsoft wants to also appeal to traditional Windows users in order not to lose them to competing eco-systems, according to ZDNet (2) and WinSuperSite.

In particular, “traditional” Windows “Threshold” operating system version will feature proper Start menu (not just a button) as well as will let users optionally run Metro apps in floating windows on the desktop. The version of Windows will also sport a number of improvements when it comes to controls using keyboard and mouse.

The “modern” Windows “Threshold”  flavour is projected to be oriented mostly on touch-screen devices, which suggests tailored user interface, optimizations to run apps with Metro interface as well as lack of compatibility with traditional Win 32 programs in certain cases (i.e., systems based on ARM microprocessors). It is more than likely that Windows Phone and Windows RT will finally merge at this point.

In addition, there will be a version of Windows “Threshold” designed for traditional enterprise users, who need backwards compatibility, support for group policy, device management, solid security and other things. This type of Windows “Threshold” will support PCs, tablets and other devices.

Finally, there will be Threshold update for Microsoft Xbox One, which is projected to bring the video game console closer to other platforms that Microsoft has to offer.

While the general ideas behind Windows “Threshold” seems to be clear, it is uncertain whether Microsoft will market the updated operating systems under Windows 8-series moniker, or will introduce Windows 9-series. At present it is projected that Windows “Threshold” will begin to roll out in early 2015. However, it should be noted that Microsoft has never [at least, in the recent history] rolled-out major updates during spring refresh (SR) cycle, but tended to introduce new versions during back-to-school (BTS) and holiday refresh (HR) cycles.

Microsoft did not comment on the news-story.

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Looks like the increase in Win7 sales has penetrated the skulls and that Win 8 is not for the enterprise sector. Chasing the personal tablet market has and is and will always be a great loss making idea when one's OS is for the x86 market. Trying to get the OS to work on ARM type of processors has been the downfall of some people who should have known better. Hubris has cost at least 2 execs. their job which we know about. Maybe the OEM. manufactures have some influence after all.
4 2 [Posted by: tedstoy  | Date: 12/11/13 08:04:08 AM]

still not going to upgrade not until they give you an option to turn off metro and bring back aero glass option but knowing ms that will be update 8.3 and 8.4....
4 4 [Posted by: SteelCity1981  | Date: 12/11/13 11:13:11 AM]
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1 4 [Posted by: basroil  | Date: 12/11/13 10:37:26 PM]
Aero Glass may use resources, but not as many as you think and it does not slow down games. I personally like the beautiful look. Win 8 is plain ugly.
2 2 [Posted by: LexLuthermiester  | Date: 12/11/13 11:15:17 PM]
It depends on the machine, and older devices do tend to suffer more. Especially true for integrated graphics, since then you are both using slower memory AND lowering system memory. It won't matter much with an i7 and high end graphics, but for a netbook it'll make a world of difference
1 2 [Posted by: basroil  | Date: 12/11/13 11:42:57 PM]
I'm totally with you. Windows 7 is great!
2 1 [Posted by: LexLuthermiester  | Date: 12/11/13 11:16:22 PM]

I'm tired of explaining to my child the concept of being "yourself". If Windows 8 would have been programmed with this in mind, I get that things would have been much different.

You want to sell a new OS? Improve fonctionalities, improve usability, improve stability; IMPROVE!!!

4 1 [Posted by: MHudon  | Date: 12/11/13 11:55:01 AM]
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0 6 [Posted by: basroil  | Date: 12/11/13 10:36:41 PM]

2015, Hell, just give me Windows 7 SP2, no need to wait, with the latest DX, and some under the hood inprovments! I'll keep windows 7's system Image backup facility, and media player! And let me choose new hardware with win 7 pre-installed! Hear that M$, just 7, and a service pack! If not, I can live OK with 7 SP1, until 2020, beacuse my laptop also comes with SUSE, which I will be ordering, and dual booting with 7, and the Linux drivers are made and supported by my laptop's OEM! Windows 7, its the New enterprise/productivity OS, you thought had gone away, but we will call it windows 7.1, and forget about the 8, oh! we will try to forget that octo number, but it is going to be a while!
5 2 [Posted by: BigChiefRunAmok  | Date: 12/11/13 04:03:11 PM]

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0 4 [Posted by: basroil  | Date: 12/11/13 10:35:04 PM]
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Not true, I use the start menu every day. It is and has always been useful.
4 0 [Posted by: LexLuthermiester  | Date: 12/11/13 11:19:25 PM]
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0 3 [Posted by: basroil  | Date: 12/11/13 11:50:44 PM]
This reply ment for basroil, but posting system refuses to post under correct thread!

I, and many enterprise customers, use a start menu, everyday, and enterprises do not like the extra added expence of retraining their workers, and the extra lost productivity! Of what use is a phone/tablet interface, like the windows 8 interface, doing on, computers that are are ment for work! do you have the billions of dollars, to give to companies, to retrain workers, on the windows 8 "User Interface", when the windows 7 interface works just fine for productivty, as well as the Windows XP interface! My HP laptop, came factory pre-downgraded to windows 7, from windows 8 pro, and I quickly ran down to the store, when I saw they still had laptops with windows 7. If you like that 8 crap, then you keep it, but do not expect me and many others(Millions) to ever give up our prductivity, to windows 8. Enterprises never change their OSs that work, for any new OS, enterprises will us an OS until that OS's end of life, and businesses do not/will not dump a perfectely good OS, and spend money on any "NEW" way of working just beacuse M$ thinks they should! XP, still in use, and some companies will continue to use it, even after 2014, windows 7, will still be in use after 2020! My HP laptop ships with SUSE Linux, too, and if M$ does not make an enterprise OS without that TIFKAM app store/runtime/framework, I'll use SUSE linux on it, after windows 7's end of life! You like tiles then get a phone or tablet, or stay with 8, but you and M$ are not going force windows 8, on any of my laptops or PCs, the same goes for millions of other people who, like me, refuse to buy Laptops/PCs with a Phone/Tablet OS on them! I have 5 laptops, one with XP, 4 with windows 7 home, and Pro editions, the XP laptop will not be connected to the internet after 2014, but it will still run XP! I have more than 5 programs in use, most of the time, on my computers, and the old way, works just fine, just ask the millions that told M$, no thanks we'll pass on 8!
3 1 [Posted by: BigChiefRunAmok  | Date: 12/12/13 01:01:29 AM]
1) Learn to write in English, that jumble of words isn't coherent at all.

2) Explain WHY W8 reduces productivity. I bet you there is zero loss in productivity for each and every task you do, and in fact productivity increases as people learn to avoid using menus of all sorts and just focus on keyboard shortcuts and a lot less switching to Facebook every 5 min.

3) You hate learning a different OS from Microsoft so you plan on purchasing an entirely different new OS that is much harder to learn?

4) On top of #3, you specifically go for Suse, which uses KDE Plasma by default (opensuse)? YOU DO KNOW THAT KDE PLASMA HAS A START SCREEN RIGHT????
0 2 [Posted by: basroil  | Date: 12/12/13 03:03:31 AM]
For #2, I think the major cause of loss of productivity is that when employees are being trained, they are not working. Plus, the same task will take more time initially when user is adjusting to the new software.

If there is no major improvement (financial benefit) in short/long term, why should company waste money on Win8?

I have only used Win8 for a couple of hours. And my experience about it is generally negative. I am sure my experience will get better the more I use it. But is it really better than Win7 on a desktop to warranty the extensive user interface change?
0 0 [Posted by: gjcjan  | Date: 12/12/13 11:10:18 AM]
This reply ment for basroil, but posting system refuses to post under correct thread!Once AGAIN!

So what if KDE PLASMA has a start screen, is anyone at KDE forcing their UI or distro onto 3rd party OEM hardware like M$ does! There are plenty of WIMP ( "windows, icons, menus, pointer" ) Linux distros/UIs out there, but for windows API win32/win64 based real applications, windows 7 is the best WIMP UI M$ OS for productivity! Who wants that TIFKAM stripped down runtime, in the way of the a real win32/win64 application ecosystem that already does the job, why the need for any crappy TIFKAM attempt at reinventing the wheel, and the double billing that goes with having to repurchase the gimped TIFKAM APP versions!

That SUSE distro is FREE, but can only be shipped on a CD/DVD .iso, no downloads! And it will be dual booted with win 7, until win 7's EOL, so I'll be ready when the time comes to delete the 7 partition, and linux on! This SUSE ditro is an Enterprise WIMP UI, NON-TIFKAM/NON-"PLASMA" UI, and is for grown ups, who have jobs where they do NOT have to say "Would you like fries with that", after every business transaction!

I need all of my time to learn the specific applications that I use, I do not need to be relearning a new OS UI, every few years, just beacuse some M$ marketing monkey, says I need to do so, and also have to pay M$ more of my $$$ to do so! Hell NO, and any other kind of no in the english lexicon, and other lexicons!
0 0 [Posted by: BigChiefRunAmok  | Date: 12/12/13 05:45:05 PM]

Something is wrong with posting system, if a poster deletes a post(reply), and trys to cut and paste a corrected post after deleting( using the posting system's |Delete ) of the orginal first post(reply) the posting system will place the post at the outer most conversation thread, or as a reply into the wrong following poast thread! Short of cutting and pasting the post into notepad/other WP program, and logging out/clearing browser cache, and logging back in, there appears to be no way around the problem.
0 0 [Posted by: BigChiefRunAmok  | Date: 12/12/13 06:17:10 PM]

die microsoft dieeeee
0 0 [Posted by: ratnik  | Date: 12/13/13 09:21:15 PM]

die microsoft dieeeee
0 0 [Posted by: ratnik  | Date: 12/13/13 09:34:51 PM]


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