X-bit Watch: Can AMD Athlon FX-51 Work with 533MHz Memory?

Some Like it Hot...

by Anton Shilov
12/14/2003 | 03:13 PM

We missed a couple of weeks with our X-bit Watch, but this time we got loads of interesting links for you to read on Sunday.


AnandTech has issued a plethora of interesting articles to help you with your holiday shopping. One of them is a review of DVD drives able to record CDs and DVDs, another one complements our own article about the fastest graphics cards in 2003 and is dedicated to image quality produced by graphics cards powered by NVIDIA’s and ATI’s offerings. 

PCWorld.com also has an interesting coverage of various gadgets you may consider to buy for Christmas, such as MP3 players, digital cameras, cellular phones and so on. Go read it here.

In case you have already got those extreme processors and hardcore 256MB graphics cards as well as acquired a pack of games, try reading some useful information about a mouse for professional gamers at nV News – the guys took a look at BFG Boomslang 2100 – a follower to the legendary Boomslang family of pointing devices.

Because The Inquirer had no gadgets to review during the weekend, Mike Magee takes a look on hardware web-sites and tells some funny facts about them. Something is positive, something is negative about this kind of “review”, but, at least, this is one of the most amusing articles I have read recently.

From entertaining web-sites coverage let us go to some hardcore overclocking editorials. OCZ Technology Group announced that an XtremeSystems.org forum member and highly respected overclocker, Oppainter, recently achieved milestone benchmarking results with OCZ PC-3200 ECC Registered memory on the Athlon 64 FX-51 platform. The man who deserves the tile “Overclocker of the Year” ran the OCZ PC-3200 ECC Registered memory at 524MHz with CL 2-2-2-6 timings throughout testing in order to achieve landmark SiSoft Sandra and 3DMark 2001 scores. Volt mods and a phase change CPU cooling system were necessary to keep the system stable, but the OCZ memory was stable within benchmarking time, according to Oppainter. CPU-Z and SiSoft Sandra screenshots can be found in the OCZ Hall of Fame. I wonder if the AMD Athlon 64 FX-51 chips can handle 533MHz DDR memory as well?

If you do not have an AMD64 system to try out Oppainter’s experience and still think what to do with the good-old AMD Athlon XP-based one, tease yourself with TweakPC.de’s review of AMD Athlon XP 2500+ processor overclocked to 3400+.

Just in case you are looking on AMD64 in 754-pin packaging, you should check out the review of ABIT KV8-MAX3 – the most feature-rich Socket 754 mainboard at AMDMB.com. Even though this is not the first article about this platform, since there are very few reviews of this product, unlike the number of IC7-MAX3 reviews, you should probably glance this one

NVIDIA Corporation this week released its new set of drivers – ForceWare 53.03. You can get the drivers here, and a new tweaker for NVIDIA’s graphics cards over here. Furthermore, you can read the history of NVIDIA over here and find some more bits about software over here.

Got Intel Centrino notebook with Wi-Fi support? Wondering what is happening next, beyond Sonoma? Find out the future of wireless communications at Business Week. - beyond Wi-Fi.