X-bit Watch: What Can Additional Clock-Speed Give to the GeForce 6800 GT?

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by Yaroslav Lyssenko
07/07/2004 | 01:03 PM

Processors, Chipsets


Viperlair.com compares two 2.0GHz chips from AMD – AMD Athlon 64 3200+ and a slightly outdated AMD Athlon XP 3200+ processor – to find out the benefits of AMD64 architecture.

Graphics Cards

Bjorn3d.com reviews an overclocked NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT-based graphics card sold by BFG Tech. The pre-overclocked version of the product operates at 370MHz instead of 350MHz and boasts the same set of capabilities as typical version of the graphics card. Check out performance of the BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC graphics card compared to Sapphire’s RADEON X800 PRO.

While ATI’s recent success driven by high-end products definitely changed the company and its business results during the recent couple of years, the company’s lineup did not contain a really inexpensive option with loads of latest features, such as support for Microsoft DirectX 9.0, that could be sold to users not demanding extreme speed, but voting for cost-effective feature-rich products. Today Neoseeker reviews Power Color’s RADEON 9550, a graphic card aimed exactly at the niche below $100.

Storage Products

Just decided to boost your HDD speed by going RAID in Stripe mode? Overclockers.com explains why there is no place, and no need for a RAID-0 array on a desktop computer.


[TweakNews.net] has reviewed Altec Lansing's recently released VS4121 computer speaker system. 2.1 sound system, visually attractable design at a decent price-point. This stereo speaker system could be the one you are looking for.

Cases, Modding, PSUs, etc

If you are not a modder and plan to acquire a simple, but quality computer case for a workstation or an entry-level server, then Chenbro’s Granite line of cases recently reviewed by Tom’s Hardware Guide may be your possible choice.

Yet another case review at AnandTech. This time the matter of interest is four acrylic cases: Logisys CS888CL, ClearPC Secret Agent, BeanTech BT-85, SunBeam Technologies LAC-UVT. If you are a modder, then you should definitely take a look.

Overclocker Caf? reviews Thermaltake Gamma Pad. If you are starting to think that you have modded everything you could, have a look at what you can do with your mouse pad.


PCWorld.com has posted its new month’s picks of single-layer and dual-layer DVD-R/RW drives. The list of internal options includes devices from $95 to $205 range, while list of external burners formed by devices from $180 to $260. In case you are looking for a DVD burner and cannot decide which one has the best price/performance ratio, then have a look here, as this may be a help.

If you need a dual-layer DVD burner, check out LG GSA-4120B Triple Format Double Layer DVD Writer review at ExtremeMHz.com. Capable of writing DVD-R discs at 12x speed and burning DVD-RAM, this product has certain chances to become your choice.