Industry Group Proposes Faster Wireless LAN Standard

New 802.11n Wi-Fi Protocol to Sport 540Mbps Transfer Rate

by Anton Shilov
08/16/2004 | 01:28 PM

An consortium of semiconductor and consumer electronics companies, WWiSE, have proposed a new standard for wireless local area networks seeking to considerably improve the speed of transfer while maintaining compatibility with today’s WLAN equipment.


The WWiSE proposal builds on the existing and globally adopted 20MHz channel format of the tens of millions of Wi-Fi devices already in use. This approach ensures support for the existing worldwide installed base, while improving the performance of Wi-Fi networks within the designated RF spectrum. Further, the coalition companies represent an important cross-section of both the IC supply and consumption segments that comprise the Wi-Fi marketplace, promoting a strong relationship between developers and end-product manufacturers.

Key features of the proposed 802.11n standard include:

Companies within the WWiSE consortium that contributed to the proposal are Airgo Networks, Bermai, Broadcom, Conexant Systems, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments.

The consortium offers a royalty-free license option from the WWiSE companies to those who wish to produce appropriate 802.11n equipment.