X-bit Watch: ASUS PEG Link Mode, Not for Every Hardware

11 DDR2 Memory Module Kits Compared

by Yaroslav Lyssenko
09/19/2004 | 10:03 PM

Processors, Mainboards


As reported, ASUSTeK enables a new performance-boosting feature called PEG Link mode on its i925X and i915P mainboards. We do know from other web-sites’ claims that ASUSTeK’s “PEG Link Mode” may overclock ATI RADEON X600 XT graphics cards from default 513MHz for core and 742MHz for memory to up to 553MHz for chip and 782MHz for memory, achieving about 5% performance gain in benchmarks like Unreal Tournament 2003. But what we do not know is how the tech works with other graphics cards, such as NVIDIA-based. Well, Adrian’s Rojak Pot has this valuable information up

Viperlair.com has reviewed Intel Pentium 4 560 microprocessor for LGA775. This pretty rare Prescott core based Pentium 4 chip is clocked at 3.60GHz, equipped with 1MB of L2 cache and PSB frequency of 800MHz. If you are still not familiar with Intel’s top offering, go and find out now.

Now, that you probably have a processor you need to find a mainboard for it. Club Overclocker has reviewed ABIT AG8 mainboard. This mainboard is powered by i915P chipset with dual-channel DDR memory support, PCI Express x16 slot for graphics card, onboard RAID controller, integrated audio, Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire and USB 2.0 ports.


PyroPort.com has taken a look at Crucial Hi-Speed Gizmo! 2.0. This is Crucial’s latest addition to its product line-up of mobile storage devices. The models’ free space amount varies from 64MB up to 1GB of memory. The Hi-Speed Gizmo! comes with a small application that allows you to set a password to access any files stored on it.


Hardwareluxx has posted an article about DDR2 memory module kits. Eleven memory module kits from different manufacturers were tested and compared in order to find out the best DDR2 performer in terms of overclockability, stability and performance on standard and overclocked frequencies.


Overclockers Online has reviewed Termaltake Silent Purepower 480W power supply unit. This PSU is a dual-fan cooled product with 480W of output, noticeably longer wires as well as auto or manual temperature controlled fan rotating speed.

WhiningDog.NET has reviewed Cooler Master Wave Master TAC-T01 case. This case offers all that you may expect from a really good case: components are completely hidden behind the front door, thumb screws for PCI slots, steel that is lighter compared to traditional cases as well as soft blue LED backlights.

Mobile devices

TrustedReviews has taken a look at an unusual mobile device made by TomTom. The TomTom GO is powered by a 200MHz processor with 32MB of RAM memory, 3.5” color TFT screen with 320x240 resolution. The GO weights 310 grams and is one of the smallest GPS systems around. Maps are stored on SD cards and there is also a mini USB port on the back of the device.

PCWorld.com has posted its monthly top 15 desktop PC chart. Different computers are compared to each other in “Power PC” and “Value PC” segments. Personal computers in the high-end range are prices from $2069 to $4562, while the machines in the entry-level series cost from $699 to $1695.