X-bit Watch: NVIDIA's Doom III Re-Explained

Hardware Coverage Galore

by Yaroslav Lyssenko
09/28/2004 | 11:02 PM

Graphics cards


nV News has reviewed Gainward PowerPack! Ultra/2100 GeForce 6800 Golden Sample 128MB graphics card. Although this product is based on the GeForce 6800 reference design, Gainward has made this graphics card run at 350MHz for chip and 800MHz for memory by selecting a potentially overclockable GPU and using 2.5ns memory chips instead of 2.8ns DRAMs recommended by NVIDIA. This graphics solution is equipped with a cooler which occupies two slots.

3DCenter has updated its article covering NVIDIA’s overwhelming advantage over ATI in the Doom III game. The web-site discards a part of its initial technological explanations, but they still have something to read.


Yet another review of Corsair’s high-end product has been posted at Tweakers Australia. This time the guys try the well-known dual-channel kit with extremely low latencies: TwinX1024-3200XL PRO. As always, the modules perfectly run at 400MHz and 433MHz, but they could not reach the 500MHz frequencies achieved by some other reviewers. But this time there is a clear reason for that…

Modding, PSU, etc

Two web-sites have published their opinion on the top-of-the-range mouse pad produced by Razer. The eXactMat Limited Edition is designed especially for the Razor Viper optical mice and is two sided: the first side is designed to ensure high speed mouse movement while the second side is build for the ultimate pointing control.

Buddha’s LAN Room has reviewed Raidmax RX-520XP Titanium 520W power supply unit. Even though the device is somewhat inexpensive, it still delivers impressive set of features. Among them are long wire length, shielded cables for hard disk drive and graphics card as well as Serial ATA connectors along with 24-pin mainboard connector used in new LGA775 platforms.


Another mobile storage device has been reviewed at Futurelooks. The Swissbit SwissMemory TwistPro 2GB mobile storage device is a solid performing product with a stiff design and some security features. An utility called SecureLock will allow you to partition the drive into a private or public partition.


TweakTown has reviewed Iwill ZMAXap small form factor PC. Check out what has IWILL, a well known company in the server hardware market, accomplished in their barebone PC based on Intel’s i865G chipset.