PC Magazine, VeriTest Scrap Benchmarks Development

Industry Benchmarks Face Cancellation

by Anton Shilov
10/07/2004 | 12:21 PM

VeriTest and PC Magazine, the developers of industry-recognized benchmarks, said they would cancel the development of a number of PC performance measuring tools without giving any reasons for the decision.


Among the discontinued products are such benchmarks like 3D WinBench, Audio WinBench, Business Winstone, Business Winstone BatteryMark, CD WinBench

Content Creation Winstone, i-Bench, NetBench, WebBench, WinBench. Technical support is not available for discontinued products, though, they may be obtained via download on the VeriTest web-site.

Neither VeriTest, nor PC Magazine revealed the reasons for the move to cancel the future development of freeware industry-recognized benchmarks.

“VeriTest and PC Magazine are committed to providing and reporting technology standards for the industry. We will continue to work together on future benchmarking development efforts,” the companies said in a statement. However, their current roadmap does not indicate any new products on the horizon.