X-bit Watch: World's First 2.5" HDD with 10 000rpm Motor Reviewed

Hardware Review Galore

by Yaroslav Lyssenko
10/19/2004 | 02:51 AM



HarwareZone has reviewed a number of mainboards based on NVIDIA nForce3 250 core-logic for AMD's Athlon 64 microprocessors. This mainboard roundup covers seven different products from AOpen, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Shuttle and Soltek in a price-range starting from $90 and climbing up to $180. The reviewer compared platforms using variety of criteria, including overclocking, performance, features and price.

For those who are looking for Intel-based system ExtremeTech has reviewed a number of mainboards based on Intel's premier 925X core-logic. This mainboard roundup describes different products from ABIT, ASUS, DFI, Foxconn and Intel that cost from $160 to $220.


The Tech Report has reviewed Seagate's Savvio hard disk drive. Seagate Savvio offers 37GB of storage capacity in a 2.5" form factor, which should please server customers. The new Savvio series offers everything that a fast drive needs: 10 000rpm motor – an innovation for 2.5" drives – 8MB buffer and search times quoted at a mere 4.1ms.

The bigger and older brother of the Seagate Savvio hard disk drive has been reviewed at Viperlair.com. The Seagate ST3160023AS Barracuda 7200.7 hard disk drive is a native 3.5" Serial ATA-150 HDD with Native Command Queuing technology; it spins at 7200rpm, boasts with 8MB of cache and access time of 8.5ms as well as 160GB of storage space.


TrustedReviwes has posted an article containing a head to head comparison of two LCD displays. ViewSonic's VP231wb monitor with 16ms response time has been compared to HP 2335 monitor with response time of 25ms. Both products sport 23" LCD panel with native resolution of 1920x1200.


Tom's Hardware Guide has reviewed Sanyo Denki liquid cooling solution. Read on and find out how you may cool down your Intel Pentium 4 "Prescott" microprocessor to an average temperature of 65°C. The cooling system's installation is straightforward and simple, making it hard to do wrong.

OverClock Intelligence Agency has taken a look at mCubed T-Balancer temperature and noise balancer. The T-Balancer is a fan controller that uses heat sensors and software to control the fan speed of up to four fans.

Pointing devices

Big Bruin has reviewed I-Rocks KR6810 X-Slim EL keyboard. This is a soft touch keyboard, similar to laptop keyboards that also has luminescent light that allows to enjoy typing, gaming or surfing the net in a dark environment among advantages.

If you are looking for a standard like keyboard with normal size buttons, but with luminescent light, try reading Xoxide Clear keyboard review over Bytesector.com. The keyboard features a translucent body with the addition of a cathode light beneath the keyboard and comes with a plethora of shortcut keys that line the top of the keyboard.