Intel Corp. Grabs U.S. Retail Lead from AMD Ahead of Core 2 Launch

Intel Again Dominates U.S. Retail – Report

by Anton Shilov
07/11/2006 | 11:50 PM

Intel Corp. has grabbed the leading position of supplier of microprocessors for computers sold in the

U.S. retail market, according to a report from Current Analysis. The reason behind the leader switch from Advanced Micro Devices to Intel is Toshiba’s aggressive penetration in the market of low-cost notebooks.

In June 51.2% of retail computers contained Intel processors, up from 42.2% in May, while AMD’s share declined to 48.5% from 57.4% in the previous month. Intel also continued to dominate the market of retail notebooks in June with 66.2%, up 8.9% compared to the previous month, while AMD’s share declined 8.9% to 33.4% in June.

“The shift came because of an emphasis on inexpensive notebooks containing Celeron M chips,” said Sam Bhavnani, director of research at Current Analysis. According to him, a lot of affordable notebooks were $599 models from Toshiba, which were based on the Intel Celeron M processor.

AMD still holds the lion’s share of the desktop market with 73% of all retail desktops in the U.S., while Intel accounted for only 26.8%, reports CNET News, citing the market research firm. However, the primary strength of AMD in the U.S. retail market of desktops are machines that cost up to $500 (84.5% market share in May) and personal computers which retail for $500 - $750 (88.9% market share in May). When it comes to more expensive solutions, such as desktops for $750 - $999, Intel managed to leave AMD a little bit behind with 52.1% of the market. When it comes to expensive machines, which cost from $1250, Intel is inside 91.7% of such systems.

According to Current Analysis, computers carrying Intel Viiv platform logotype accounted for about 10% of U.S. retail desktop market, which proves that such systems are pretty popular and the concept of media center PC is being adopted gladly by consumers.

U.S. retail market of PCs accounts for about 10% of the world’s total PC market.