L Computers Faces Spam Scandal with Potential Investors

Spammer Says: Buy L Computers Shares - They Will Skyrocket

by Anton Shilov
12/14/2006 | 02:13 PM

L Computers, a company that promises to supply advanced computer systems with unique design and unbeatable performance, faced spam scandal on Thursday, when at least one X-bit labs’ reader received a spam email encouraging him/her to invest into the computer company.


A not requested email from an unknown sender received by an X-bit labs web-site reader contained an image with a call to invest into L International Computers Inc. with LITL.PK ticker, as the company was planning to reveal “8-way processing professional mobile computing design”, which should have increase the price of L Computers’ stock to $5 from $0.99. It is unclear whether the spammer had any relation to L Computers, but it is obvious that someone sending spam emails ahead of the start of stock trading has some kind of material interest in such an action.

X-bit labs could not obtain comments from L Computers International, as the emails the company provided on its web-site were not active for some reason. The telephone number provided by the company was also not helpful at press time, as it did not work. Besides, we could not obtain any information regarding the launch timeframes or prices regarding the recently announced laptops featuring Nvidia Quad SLI technology or two Intel Xeon 5100-series quad-core microprocessors.

L Computers International is known for promising to deliver unique personal computers and peripherals with extreme performance and never-before-seen capabilities. Unfortunately, X-bit labs has no evidences that the company was able to really deliver the promised products to customers. Moreover, the web-site that the company runs today has no indication about the pricing or availability dates of computers and peripherals the company advertises in its press releases distributed by BusinessWire agency.

Lieberman, or L Computers, shut the company down in late 2004 due to lack of financing, but has reborn itself since then and become a public company listed at Pink Sheets