HP Set to Make Voodoo-Branded Systems Available Worldwide

HP’s Voodoo Computers to Be Available Through HP Sales Network

by Anton Shilov
07/24/2008 | 11:59 PM

State-of-the-art personal computers that feature exclusive design and configuration are not available in retail and cannot be ordered from companies like Dell or HP. Moreover, Alienware and Voodoo personal computers are not available for customers in Asia or Europe. But the situation is going to change, as HP begins to sell Voodoo-branded devices through its own channels.


Hewlett-Packard acquired boutique personal computer maker VoodooPC back in 2006, but until recently Voodoo operated as a separate business unit. Earlier this year HP launched its Blackbird desktop with “VoodooDNA” and utilized numerous advanced techniques created by Voodoo to design the machine that is now available directly from HP. Meanwhile, the original Voodoo-branded desktops and laptops were only available through Voodoo online store in the USA and Canada.

This week HP merged its consumer business and Voodoo business units, which means that now Voodoo-branded devices will be available directly from HP.

“Ultimately it means that Voodoo and Voodoo-influenced products will be easier to buy, faster to get, they will feature local service, and they will have the full power of HP’s marketing and sales channel behind them. The bottom line is we have ignited the brand and sparked big excitement; so we are now integrating our organizations to fuel our growth,” said Rahul Sood, the founder of VoodooPC and chief technology officer of HP’s global gaming business.

Being available alongside with Presario- and Pavilion-branded machines, the Voodoo computers will automatically be sold globally. Unfortunately, HP customizes its systems according to local market, therefore, Voodoo Envy in the USA may be different from Voodoo Envy in Italy.

“Traditionally, HP’s global business unit designs PCs and regional units decide what PCs to sell in the region, and that may apply to Voodoo PCs,” said Ann Finnie said, a spokeswoman for HP, in an interview with IDG News Services.

Whether or not Voodoo systems will get more affordable once they are sold by HP remains to be seen.