Fujitsu Wants to Double Its Market Share in PC Server Space in Two Years

Fujitsu Aims Server Market After Taking Control over Fujitsu Siemens

by Anton Shilov
04/01/2009 | 10:46 PM

Fujitsu, a leading supplier of personal computers, servers and workstations, said this week that now it controls the former Fujitsu Siemens’ business in Europe, it would double its presence in the global servers space in two years. The decision is rather bold since Fujitsu will have to compete against such giants as Dell and HP, who are already fiercely compete against each other.


Currently Fujitsu commands 4% of the global server market and plans to boost its market share by almost twice to 7% in two years. Already in fiscal 2010 (March 2009 – March 2010 in Japan) the company wants to sell 500 thousand Intel-based servers thanks to its expansion into the European market. Eventually, the company will target more than 10% share in the global server market, what will be a milestone for the company.

“Rather than a target, we consider this as a milestone for Fujitsu to truly become global. Selling 500 thousand units is not easy in these economic conditions, but we believe changing ourselves fast enough to clear this level would be a way for us to be able to offer both products and services in the global arena,” said Fujitsu’s president Kuniaki Nozoe during a press conference, reports Reuters news-agency.

It will hardly be easy for Fujitsu to grab a large share in the server market. The leaders – HP, Dell and IBM with 35%, 27% and 14% of the market are fighting vigorously with each other, what eventually does not allow smaller vendors to grow as well.