Microsoft Officially Confirms Launch Date for Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 to Be Released on October 22

by Anton Shilov
06/02/2009 | 12:25 PM

Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday officially confirmed already known launch date for Windows 7 operating system. As revealed by a computer maker in April, the new OS will be available starting from the 22nd of October. 2009.


"We feel confident that we will deliver Windows 7 with our partners on Oct. 22," said Bill Veghte, senior vice president for Microsoft's Windows business, reported the Wall Street Journal.

It is rather symbolical that Microsoft releases its highly-anticipated Windows 7 operating system nearly exactly eight years after it launched the almost legendary Windows XP system on the 25th of October, 2001. The world’s largest software company has received a lot of critics for its Windows Vista operating system and many expect that Windows 7 will be correct the issues that are associated with Vista.

Windows OS represents the lion’s share of revenue for Microsoft. In addition, new releases of Windows usually catalyze upgrades of personal computers by both businesses and consumers. As a result, the launch of Windows 7 is likely to boost sales for the whole industry.

Microsoft has been working hard to improve user interface as well as performance in Windows 7 and make the new OS much more user friendly overall. Many reviewers and early adopters agree that Microsoft has succeeded in improving its desktop OS dramatically. Microsoft Windows 7 will also bring numerous further improvements, including DirectX 11 application programming interface, as well as support for touch-based input.