Globalfoundries to Start Planning Fab 3 “Very Soon” – Chairman

Globalfoundries to Initiate Preparations for Fab 3 Shortly, Claims Hector Ruiz

by Anton Shilov
08/05/2009 | 03:29 PM

Globalfoundries, a joint venture between Advanced Micro Devices and Advanced Technology Investment Company, only recently started to construct its second manufacturing facility – fab 2 – in the state of New York. But very shortly the contract maker of semiconductors will start to plan its third production factory – fab 3 – according to the chairman of the firm.


“Globalfoundries is meant to be the world’s leading competitor in this space. It is our [aim] to turn into a true global player. We truly expect that the fab 3 will be in the planning stages very soon,” said Hector Ruiz, chairman of Globalfoundries, on the sidelines of the groundbreaking of the fab 2.

Fab 2 is designed to manufacture microprocessors and logic products on 300mm wafers. Initial production is expected to ramp at the 28nm technology node in 2012 and move to volume manufacturing on the 22nm node.

At this point it is hard to say what Globalfoundries fab 3 will be like and when the company is able to start constructing it, not talking about the timeframe the foundry becomes operational. One thing is clear: Globalfoundries is rather optimistic about its future since starting planning the third fab means that the company is confident about utilization of its fab 1 and fab 2.

At present Globalfoundries has three customers: Advanced Micro Devices itself, ATI, graphics business unit of AMD, and STMicroelectronics. It is widely expected that Nvidia Corp. and other designers of leading-edge chips are interested in building their chips using advanced process technologies at Globalfoundries.

At present Globalfoundries roadmap looks as follows: