Microsoft Windows 7 Tests 4% Market Share After Two Weeks of Usage

Microsoft Windows 7 Becomes Rather Popular – Net Applications

by Anton Shilov
11/11/2009 | 11:21 PM

Microsoft Windows 7 operating system was highly-anticipated by both computer makers end-users. It appears that the practice tends to prove the theory: according to NetApplications, just about two weeks after the launch, Windows 7 was used on 4% of personal computers used to surf the Internet.


NetApplications, a leading provider of Web analytics tools, Windows 7 has crossed 4% in daily tracking on the 7th of November.  In comparison, Windows Vista took seven months to get to 4% usage share. The data is based on analysis of 160 million visits to certain web-sites.

It is important to note that at present Net Applications has accurate Windows 7 market share data for neither October nor November since the operating system was on sale for only eight days last month and this month has not ended. Still even in October ’09 Microsoft Windows 7 was used on 2.15% of PCs used to surf the Internet, which is a rather good result for an operating system that was on sale for a little more than a week.

Microsoft Windows XP remains the most popular operating system on the globe with 70.48% of market share followed by Windows Vista with 18.83% of the market.