TSMC’s Problems with 40nm Process Technology Largely Over – Vice-President

TSMC Solves Chamber Matching Problems with 40nm Node

by Anton Shilov
01/20/2010 | 07:40 PM

Mark Liu,  senior vice president of operations at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, said at a press conference that the company had solved “chamber matching” problems with its equipment that affected yields of chips produced using 40nm process technology.


TSMC has improved yield rates on its 40nm manufacturing process, with the quality now being about the same level as its 65nm fabrication process, Mr. Liu is reported to have said by DigiTimes web-site.  Mr. Liu reportedly stated that the chamber matching problems that had impacted yield rates for the company's 40nm node had been resolved.

The information is a good news for customers of TSMC, which now are able to manufacture more processors using the most advanced bulk process technology available today for volume production. At present only ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices, Altera and Nvidia Corp. use TSMC 40nm process technology. With higher yields, TSMC can hoped that other customers will also start to use 40nm fabrication process, which had bad reputation due to low amount of fully-functional chips produced using it.

TSMC said last year that 40nm chips would account to 10% of the company’s revenue in Q4 2009.