OCZ Technology Shuts Down Hypersonic High-End PC Business

OCZ’s Hypersonic Unit Vanishes into Oblivion

by Anton Shilov
03/23/2010 | 06:34 PM

OCZ Technology Group, a leading supplier of components for personal computers, has decided to shut down its Hypersonic business unit, which used to make high-end personal computers. The move was made to concentrate on core businesses for the company, which is to supply premium-class components.


“We are focusing all our resources on SSD, PSU and memory and our [system integration] business really did not fit into the spectrum of things,” said Alex Mei, OCZ's executive vice president and chief marketing officer, reports Techgage web-site.

OCZ acquired Hypersonic approximately three years ago with the aim to find new sales channels for its components. But since OCZ also sells hardware to other high-performance system integrators, it naturally started to compete against them with its own personal computers. As a consequence, the company had to keep its Hypersonic unit in a low profile and did not really advertize such systems or tried to offer anything truly exclusive. All-in-all, Hypersonic has not become a significant business for OCZ.

At this point OCZ is working very hard on expansion of its solid-state drives business and it needs maximum resources to get all the supply possible and then it needs to sell all those drives. As a result, supporting non-profile business was the luxury OCZ could not afford.

It is not completely clear why OCZ decided to shut down Hypersonic completely and did not attempt to sell it off to a PC maker, who needed a high-end PC brand. Although boutique PC makers hardly get a lot of orders these days, there might be companies interested in this kind of business.

Even though Hypersonic no longer accepts orders on new systems, OCZ will still cover all warranties and will provide technical support.