Cloud Computing Should Be Broken Down into Specific Services – CEO of HP

Chief Exec of Sees Cloud Computing as Specific Services

by Anton Shilov
03/31/2010 | 03:06 PM

Chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard said in an interview that he saw cloud computing as a set of specific services, not as an outsourcing of all computing by a company or individual to the Internet in general. The claim seems to pose a lot of interest, considering the fact that that HP has been concentrating on services for some time now and it is more than interested in providing as many of them as possible.


“As it relates to opportunities using the cloud, I think it's more important that we break those down into specific services. Where instead of saying, 'Hey, how would you like to participate in the cloud,' you say, 'How would like me to help you back up your data center? How would you like me to help back up your server farm?’,” said Michael Hurd, chief executive officer of HP, in an interview with ChannelWeb web-site.

Hardly a lot of companies would like to completely outsource all of their computing to a metaphoric “cloud”. However, although HP can provide very complex computing services, it looks like for its chief executive it makes more sense to provide specific, not global computing solutions.

"Or, 'How would you like to have some peak minutes available so when you have spikes in your workload, you know where to send those spikes without having to buy all that capacity? How would you like to have a private cloud built for you, with architects, etc.,” asked Mr. Hurd.

The chief executive of HP also said that all solutions should be as simple as possible.

“I actually believe simplicity of solutions, simplicity of service, simplicity of technology is a big asset,” concluded Mr. Hurd.