Service Company Claims Lenovo PCs Are Most Reliable

Lenovo Makes the World’s Most Reliable PCs – Rescuecom

by Anton Shilov
06/02/2010 | 09:31 PM

Service company Rescuecom, which operates across the USA and provides technical support for various personal computers, said that Lenovo Group and Asustek Computer make the most reliable systems or at least their owners do not turn to Rescuecom for help.


In fact, Rescuecom's computer reliability report starts out on a high note in 2010, with all five leading manufacturers putting up superior reliability scores to last year's averages. Apple, last year's overall leader, improved its reliability score, but that still was not good enough to maintain the top spot in the first quarter of 2010; instead Apple dropped to third place. IBM/Lenovo decidedly took first place improving their score over 200 points from their average last year. Not to be forgotten, Asustek Computer also posted significant gains and took second place. Rounding out the top five were Toshiba and HP/Compaq, respectively.

PC Reliability Score by Rescuecom in Q1 2010


U.S. PC Market Share (IDC data)

Rescuecom Support Share (percentage of service calls)

PC Brand Reliability Score





















Rescuecom’s method of PC reliability score calculation is relatively well known. the number of computers an individual manufacturer ships is weighed against the number of computer repair calls Rescuecom handles for that same manufacturer. These nationwide numbers are recalculated each quarter and the higher the score, the greater the reliability. As a result, Rescuecom’s scores reflect reliability of relatively old systems that are not supported by their manufacturers due to warranty limitations or some other reasons.

As 2010 progresses it will be interesting to see which manufacturers can maintain their gains which ones may fall due to increased need for computer repair.

What should be noted about the Q1 2010 report by Rescuecom (and reports in 2009 and 2010 in general) is that back in the past (in 2007 and before) the reports calculated the “reliability score” for each PC vendor based on the calculated difference between overall U.S. market share, over a three-year period, and the percentage of calls requesting service received by Rescuecom call center over one specified quarter or one year. However, starting from 2008 the service company started to compare the amount of calls over a specified period with the approximate market share in that period (or took market shares from a couple of previous quarters).