Fujitsu Looking Forward Acquisitions to Spur Growth

Fujitsu Interested in Cloud Computing Technologies

by Anton Shilov
08/23/2010 | 11:17 AM

Fujitsu, the biggest computer maker and computer services provider in Japan, is actively looking forward acquisition targets to so that to boost its cloud computing business potential. In addition, Fujitsu is also seeking alliances.


 “Targets will be companies that have technologies that Fujitsu doesn’t have or that have customers that Fujitsu has never been able to reach so far. We would like to get engaged very actively in M&A activities," said Masami Yamamoto, the president of Fujitsu, in an interview with Bloomberg news-agency.

The head of Fujitsu naturally declined to identify actual potential acquisition targets or partners. Nonetheless, he stressed again that the company is betting on cloud and other services for future growth rather on hardware business. Mr. Yamamoto said the timing for deals remains undecided.

“It varies case by case, but I think that it will take more than six months at least,” the president of Fujitsu reportedly said.

Many traditional makers of servers and personal computers are moving away from hardware business and are looking forward services for businesses or consumers as primarily sources of growth. Earlier this year Fujitsu teamed up with Microsoft to sell Windows Azure-based cloud applications. Not only Fujitsu is considering mergers and acquisitions to take over cloud-related technologies.