No Strings Attached: AMD Plans to Get Rid of Stickers on Notebooks

After Ditching "ATI Radeon", AMD Considers Canning "AMD Vision"

by Anton Shilov
09/03/2010 | 05:33 PM

Modern Windows-based notebooks from many manufacturers are full of stickers claiming superiority and feature-set of the machines. Placed under left arm wrist, those ads tend to degrade in general and spoil any notebook design in particular. Apparently, AMD wants to change that.


Various stickers on notebooks are indeed disgusting since they do not match design of notebooks. But this is something that is going to change eventually, just like the things have changed on the consumer electronics stickers over time. According to a report from the New York Times, in 2011, AMD will switch to new stickers that peel off easily and will allow manufacturers not to put AMD brand onto the system.

According to the report, AMD is also is considering eliminating the sticker program altogether. In the meanwhile, AMD is going to make affixing its stickers optional: if a computer company chooses not to use the AMD logotype, the company will still pay it the same marketing dollars to use in other ways.

It is interesting to note that earlier this month AMD discontinued the ATI brand, which existed for 25 years and was a standard for premium graphics. With no AMD or ATI brands on notebooks it will be interesting to see how systems powered by Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp. devices will differ from AMD-based.

P.S. One can easily peel a sticker off using either a plastic card or a fingernail. Afterwards one can use 90% alcohol to clean up the lap surface of glue.