Computer Maker Integrates Xbox 360 into Personal Computers for Gamers

Origin Unleashes "The Big O": 2P Xeon, 4-Way Graphics, Xbox 360 Slim

by Anton Shilov
09/07/2010 | 03:05 PM

Origin PC, a builder of high-end personal computers founded by ex-employees of Alienware, on Tuesday introduced a new system that not only features top-of-the-range hardware components, but comes with integrated Xbox 360 slim game-console, which means that the "Big O" system can run both PC and Xbox 360 titles.


The Origin's Big O systems comes inside custom double-wide case that can incorporate a 2P or 1P system. In addition to the personal computer itself, Origin integrated Xbox 360 game console inside the case in order to let gamers run their favourite titles developed for Microsoft Corp.'s latest system and not available on the PC. Origin's Big O is a unique personal computer for gamers that actually comes equipped with integrated game console. But this is not the only unique feature of this ultimate rig.

Even the "starting" configuration of the Big O sports quad-core Intel Core i7-930 central processing unit overclocked to 4.0GHz and cooled by a liquid-cooling solution. The system is based on Asustek Computer's Rampage III Extreme mainboard, features 6GB of Corsair memory, two Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 graphics cards in SLI mode, two OCZ 50GB Vertex 2 SSDs in RAID 0 mode, a 2TB WD Caviar Black, a Blu-ray disc burner and so on. The ultimate configuration includes two six-core Intel Xeon 5680 chips overclocked to 4.30GHz and cooled down by a liquid-cooler and features EVGA SR2 mainboard, 12GB of memory, four Nvidia GeForce GTX 480, four SSDs and so on.

"The Big O will satisfy the demands of even the most power hungry gamer, but when you create the ultimate personal computer system it has to be designed to go above and beyond gaming. From the hottest games on the market to digital video editing and 3D rendering you will have the power to perform at every level. To have the best you have to build using the latest in computer technology that guarantees unmatched performance and that is exactly what you get with the Big O,” said Kevin Wasielewski, chief executive officer and co-founder of Origin.

While performance and capabilities of the Big O will almost certainly satisfy the most demanding users, pricing of default and ultimate configurations are truly incredibly by any mean. The default configuration is priced at $7669, whereas the ultimate one will cost $16 999. Both systems cost much more than the combine price of a "typical" built-to-order high-end machine and a Microsoft Xbox 360 acquired separately.

The Origin, however, promises "total customization from your case to your console and all components within" and also give its word to ship the "one of a kind system" incased in "Origin's Wooden Crate Armor" guaranteed to protect the rig during transport.