Lenovo Plans Huge Marketing Campaign to Promote Own Brand

Lenovo's New Marketing Campaign Could Revolutionize the Brand

by Anton Shilov
01/11/2011 | 09:55 PM

Although Lenovo Group is the world's fourth largest maker of personal computers, its brand name is by far less recognizable than that of Apple (not even in top six list), Toshiba or Dell, something that reduces the value of the company and its products. In a bid to finally make the Lenovo brand a true world-class PC name, the company plans to kick off massive promo campaign.


Although Lenovo acquired Think-branded PC business from IBM in 2004 and sponsored Olympic games in 2008, its name is still not very well known around the industry. No matter which premium features the company offers with its personal computers, they are still less "visible" compared to solutions from competitors, whose PCs may be much less advanced. In order to make the company better known, Lenovo last year hired David Roman, a highly-experienced marketing specialist, who worked in HP, Nvidia and Apple in the past.

Starting April, 2011, the PC manufacturer will start global brand promotion campaign, which should attract attention the company itself as well as its products, many of which are unique. At present it is known that the firm is planning to push its brand in countries like Brazil, China, India, Japan, Russia and the U.S. No details regarding the type of the promo operation are known.  

Lenovo sells two lines of its PCs: one is Think-branded family for professionals and another is Idea-branded lineup. The company quietly integrated all of its consumer-oriented products into Idea family in the recent years and made its best to make those systems look and perform better than typical low-cost PCs. In addition, the company plans to introduce its own smartphones, tablet PCs and various other products that require brand recognition.

Back in 2006 HP carried out "PC is Personal Again" marketing campaign (for which David Roman was responsible for) in order to showcase how unique its products were. The campaign used viral marketing, stylish visuals, a special web site as well as stars like Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani, and Shaun White to attract attention to Hewlett-Packard. At present Dell is trying to remake its own brand so that to transform its PCs from commodity products to admired gadgets.