Ex-Itanium Developer Contributed Heavily to Bulldozer, Fusion Projects - AMD

AMD Appoints Sam Naffziger, Leender van Doornfo Corporate Fellows

by Anton Shilov
01/24/2011 | 10:20 PM

Advanced Micro Devices on Monday announced the appointments of Sam Naffziger and Leendert van Doorn to AMD corporate fellow for their leadership in power management technology and software development, respectively. Sam Naffziger used to work at HP and Intel, where he co-developed the famous Itanium-series microprocessors.


Since joining AMD in 2006 Sam Naffzifer has been a leader at the company in high-frequency, low-power circuit design, including significant contributions to the new Bulldozer x86 processing core scheduled to come to market in the first half of this year. Mr. Naffziger has also been the primary architect behind a number of key power reduction and management technologies being deployed AMD’s upcoming processors codenamed Llano, Orochi and Trinity. He is the named inventor on 92 issued patents, 13 of which were filed while he was at AMD, and has contributed more than 25 IEEE publications and presentations to the industry.

As a software visionary, Leendert van Doorn is a recognized technical authority in a number of key areas including operating systems, virtualization, security and manageability. He has been consistently recognized for making significant contributions that intersect across AMD’s product roadmaps, making the company a valued and trusted partner with software developers.  Prior to joining AMD, Mr. van Doorn held of number of technical titles at organizations including IBM and AT&T. Leendert van Doorn is an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University, is the named inventor on 6 patents and has published over 40 peer reviewed books, conference papers and journal contributions.

“This designation is reserved for individuals who impact AMD’s business opportunities and technical breadth by providing a high degree of expertise, creativity and strategic direction. Sam and Leendert are not only leaders in their respective technical fields, but they are also crucial to AMD’s competitive position," said Chekib Akrout, senior vice president and general manager of AMD technology development.

Corporate fellows are appointed after a rigorous review process that assesses not only specific technical contributions to AMD, but involvement in the industry at large, mentoring of others and improving the long-term strategic position of the company.