High Prices and Lack of Games - Main Reasons People Do Not Choose Apple Macintosh

Tech Savvy Users Continue to Prefer Windows PCs over Macintosh

by Anton Shilov
01/25/2011 | 11:21 PM

A recently conducted survey among X-bit labs readers revealed the main reasons why users of Microsoft Windows-based personal computers do not transit to Apple Macintosh systems. Apparently, the higher cost of Macs as well as the absence of the majority of PC video games on Mac platform are the two main reasons for people why people do not given Macintosh even a try.


Apple Macintosh computers have traditionally been more expensive than the majority of Windows-based systems and their prices is the main concern of PC enthusiasts. Other main reasons are lack of PC games, lack of choice of peripherals and impossibility to upgrade easily, as well as absence of newest technologies (e.g., Blu-ray, USB 3.0, modern graphics cards) worsened by inability to configure Macs during initial purchase.

The results of the survey show that  for a lot of people the choice of PC hardware and software is very important and they will not give these things up in favour of Apple Macintosh. The majority of Macs cannot be reconfigured and there are not a lot of innovative peripherals for those systems available directly from Apple. Moreover, it is uneasy to upgrade Macs. Apparently, the company simply does not want to give its customers any choice of hardware so to minimize its costs and maximize profitability.

Sales of Apple Macintosh computers have been growing in the recent years, despite of tepid welcome by PC enthusiasts. One of the main reasons for that is halo effect caused by popular iPhone and iPad gadgets by consumers.

The survey was carried out in January, 2011. Around 1200 readers of PC-hardware oriented X-bit labs web-site answered the question "What stops you from transiting from Windows PC to Apple Macintosh?"