Microsoft Starts to Distribute Windows 8 M2-Final to OEM Partners

OEMs Start to Receive Windows 8 "Milestone 2" Build

by Anton Shilov
03/30/2011 | 11:51 PM

Microsoft Corp. has started to supply the final build of Microsoft Windows 8 "Milestone 2" operating system to a group of testers as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Based on unofficial reports, the software giant is on schedule with its pre-releases and the operating system should hit the market in early 2013.


According to web-site, which specializes on leaking various builds of software by Microsoft, the world's largest software designer made available the Windows 8 M2 build 7971.0.110324-1900 to an expanded group of testers as well as personal computer makers earlier this week through its Microsoft Connect web-site. Observers from Wzor expect the build to be leaked to the Internet by the weekend.

The creation of the third (M3) phase was supposed to be started in March, 2011. After the M3 is finished, Microsoft is expected to release community technology preview (CTP) version, public Beta-1 and Beta-2, then unveil a release candidate (RC) and after that assemble the final version sometimes in late 2012. The software giant reportedly plans to release the operating system in retail in early 2013.

There are ongoing rumours - which are not supported by actual facts - that Microsoft may release a special Windows 8 version for tablets in 2012. Besides, there are rumours that the company plans to show off the user interface of Windows 8 in mid-2011. Although tablets are supported by Windows 8, the operating system for slate-type PCs due next year may not feature all the capabilities of the Windows 8 and thus may carry a different name.

Microsoft did not comment on the story.