IBM to Help Oracle Customers to Adopt IBM Software, Platforms

IBM: DB2 Is Gaining Popularity, Oracle DB Is Losing

by Anton Shilov
05/17/2011 | 10:17 PM

Amid the uncertainties caused by Oracle's decision to stop developing software for Intel Itanium-based mission critical platforms as well as rumoured intention to cancel support for non-Oracle Linux distributives, IBM recently announced new migration resources to help Oracle software clients move up to IBM software. The company also claims that its DB2 software is more cost-efficient than competing solutions from Oracle.


The new resources include no-charge financial and technology assessments, skills training courses, and proof of concepts to support clients ready to convert their Oracle investments to the latest in IBM software.

As part of the support plan, IBM will provide detailed financial analysis that shows cost savings clients can achieve by switching from Oracle Database and'20Oracle WebLogic to IBM DB2 and WebSphere software. A no-charge, customized technical evaluation and conversion plan will show clients how fast and easy it can be to move up from Oracle to IBM software.

In addition, IBM will offer a no-charge, more than 100 online and in-person skills training courses to add certified DB2 skills to Oracle Database developer and database administrator teams, and WebSphere expertise to Oracle software teams.

IBM also announced that its lending arm, IBM Global Financing is offering 0% financing to help Oracle clients speed up their move to new IBM software. Today's news reinforces IBM's commitment to provide clients with greater choice, flexibility, and support for new and existing IT investments.

In the recent years several large companies, including Guangdong Rural Credit Cooperatives, the largest rural credit bank in China, the London branch of Deutsche Postbank AG, Gazprom Neft, one of Russia's leading oil companies, and others selected IBM instead of Oracle.

According to IBM, in 2010, more than a thousand of Oracle Database clients chose DB2 instead, and more than 400 Oracle WebLogic clients chose WebSphere.