We Will Not Discuss PlayStation 4 for Quite Some Time - Sony

Sony Tightlipped over PS4 as Game Developers Expect it to Become Available Before 2014

by Anton Shilov
06/20/2011 | 10:33 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment has already confirmed that it had started development of its next-generation PlayStation 4 video game console, but the company now also said recently that it would not discuss peculiarities of the system for some time. Nonetheless, game developers believe that the PS4 is not too far away.


"PlayStation 3 is really just hitting its stride. Technologically, I don’t think it’s possible to provide any advancement beyond what we have. What we’ve seen from the competition is trying to add features that already exist in PlayStation 3. We invested heavily in that, we rolled a very heavy rock up a steep hill, through the launch period. But now I think that all pays off, and we’ve got a long run way behind it. So, I wouldn’t look for any discussion of a next generation PlayStation for quite some time," said Jack Tretton, chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment America, in an interview with Forbes.

Sony officially confirmed the development of the PS4, but said that it would not spend the same amount of money on development of the next-gen console as it spent on the PlayStation 3.

Interestingly, but game developers already said that they expect the PlayStation 4 and/or third-generation Xbox to emerge by 2014.

"We obviously talk to everybody, and everybody talks to us. We have some intelligence to go on that, by early 2014, we're pretty sure there'll be at least one next-generation console on the market," said David Grijns, newly appointed managing director of Avalanche Studios. in an interview with Edge Magazine.

Even though there are expectations that neither Microsoft nor SCE keep to their ten years product cycles for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, specifics about the next-gen consoles are not available at this point. It is logical to expect better looking games, stereo-3D support, motion sensing in different kinds of applications and so on. However, it remains to be seen what new gameplay-related features will designers implement for the games of the next decade.