HP Remains Committed to Business PC Users

HP Vows to Keep Selling Business-Oriented PCs

by Anton Shilov
08/22/2011 | 03:05 PM

While Hewlett-Packard officially plans to get rid of its personal computer selling, its business PC chief clearly tells that the company remains committed to appropriate operations. HP urges its customers to keep acquiring its business-class PCs.


“You can absolutely continue to feel comfortable and confident in selling HP just as you always have despite the confusion you might be hearing from our competition. I can tell you on behalf of Todd Bradley and the entire HP leadership team that HP remains committed – now more than ever – to the health and growth of its PC business. We also remain deeply committed to our channel partners, who, as an extension of our HP organization, will continue to play a critical and strategic role in our PC business now and in the future. That will not change during this period of transformation,” wrote Stephen DiFranco, the head of personal systems group, reports CRN web-site.

Having now directly known about the plans of HP, few companies know about consequences of HP’s  decision. Nobody knows what happens when HP stops to sell PCs under is own brand.

Being the world’s largest supplier of personal computers as well as the biggest IT company on the globe, HP not only provides physical devices, but also sells software to various commercial and governmental organizations. What happens to those customers using HP’s PC technology remains to be seen.